Massage Therapy

Posted by Patricia Benson on June 14, 2017

My approach to massage therapy (as well as yoga) is nicely summarized in the quote above by Albert Camus from his Notebooks.

Love to the human spirit is like light to plant life: indispensable. In all forms of therapeutic healing-whether it's Western medical care, psychotherapy, Chinese Medicine, or joint advance or massage therapy-love must be the basis for the healing process, look joint advance. For healing to occur, the heart, body, and mind must feel connected to the process-equally recognized and valued within the context of the therapeutic experience.

At different points in my life so far, massage therapy has been a vehicle for increasing my own self-awareness such that the process of working with different therapists over time has, without a doubt, led me to know my own needs better, and thereby empowered me to better provide for those needs.

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Buy More Pay Less? I Think That Only Works For Old Shoes...

Posted by Patricia Benson on March 10, 2017

The following is a response I wrote to a discussion thread with a fellow health policy Masters student. I haven't sought permission to reprint the point I am responding to, but the gist of it is that some people need to pay more for insurance (the young, healthy) so that we can all pay less in the end.

Former directors of the White House National Economic Council Al Hubbard and Keith Hennessey wrote an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal not too long ago with former HHS Secretary Michael Levitt about this very issue ("Health 'Reform' is Income Redistribution," Hubbard, Hennessey, Leavitt). It seems to me, however, that what we are suggesting here would serve to increase the cost of health insurance, not lower it, whether those higher charges are inflicted via fines (on top of a lack of insurance) for non-compliance or higher premiums for blood sugar optimizer the cross-subsidization of risk along age demographics, more blood sugar optimizer. Community rating combined with guaranteed issue serves the two-fold purpose of providing an incentive for insurers to avoid the sick while also providing an incentive for people to wait until they are sick to purchase insurance. This isn't an outcome anyone would want.

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How To Fight Anxiety

Posted by Patricia Benson on April 20, 2017

Anxiety caused by heightened fear related to stressful works, dysfunctional family relationships, disease process, grief, and loss are only one of the few associated conditions or situations that may disrupt ones life's activity and perceptions. Some people may have developed good coping mechanism over time, but others may not.

To help you determine ways on how to surpass anxiety attacks, the following are some tips that you might as well consider.

Take some deep breathing exercise. Take some deep breaths. Taking some simple deep breathing is one o the most effective curel lotion and quickest way to relieve anxiety, source curel lotion. When you start to feel anxious take three slow, deep breaths.

Get rid of caffeine in your diet - Caffeine is a stimulant which triggers anxiety most of the time. Caffeine containing products, coffee being one of the most popular tends to develop an increase in heart rate to an individual. Stopping entirely is too hard especially if you have been getting used to having caffeine in your body. But, you can slowly decrease your caffeine consumption day to day until just so that you would develop a decrease in your anxiety attack.

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Medical Id Bracelets Can Conserve Lives, Including Yours

Posted by Patricia Benson on March 5, 2017

You might never end up in a scenario that needs medical ID bracelets, but if you ever do, the medical alert bracelet may be the most critical thing you have. Simply because, whenever a medical emergency will strike, you may be rendered unconscious or otherwise impaired to the stage that you simply cannot convey essential medical info to the early responders.

Visualize finding yourself in that circumstance however this time around, you are wearing a medical ID bracelet containing your identification along with healthcare facts. Doctors, nurses and paramedics agree with the fact that it's important that they be aware of any medical problems an individual might have.

A medical ID jewelry could be put on as a bracelet around the wrist or like a necklace around the neck engraved together with your personal medical details. Day or night, where ever you go, whatever you choose to do, your own medical details are there if necessary.

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