10 Tips to Look After Your Teeth

awdhhgLooking after your teeth doesn’t mean that you are only focusing on their looks, but also their health. Here are some basic tips on how to look after your teeth.

Brush and floss regularly

This can never be said enough – brushing and flossing on a regular, daily bases, two times a day, will clean your teeth off food remains, spots and bacteria. Try not to skip brushing whatever the circumstances may be. It is an important task that should really become a healthy habit.

Don’t brush with your finger

Use the brush for brushing. If you are ever in a situation where you forget your toothbrush, buy a new one. Smearing the toothpaste on your finger and then across the teeth does nothing, but spread bacteria from your hands to your mouth and backwards.

Don’t brush immediately after a meal

Brushing after meals is the key for having cleaner teeth. However, avoid brushing right after a meal. Your digestive system is doing its work and the acid fluids might harm the enamel layer protecting your teeth. Better wait for half an hour.

Your teeth are a not a table tool

Opening bottles, ripping duct tape and dividing anything with your teeth is not a habit you want to develop. Although our teeth are quite strong, plastic or porcelain veneers can never replace your natural tooth.

Visit the dentist regularly

Don’t concentrate on whether you have gone to the dentist once or twice a year. Talk to them about the state of your teeth and go to their website for more information like the one about Dentist Eugene.

Think of your gums

Gums are equally as important for oral care as are your teeth. People tend to neglect them if they are inflamed or even bleeding. Imagine if you would neglect some other part of your body if it was suffering that much.

Control your diet

Junk food and drinks will have a nasty effect on your teeth. Consider on not indulging in it as much.

Keep a fallen tooth

In case a tooth falls out, put it on ice and visit your dentist immediately. There is a great chance that it can be put back in its place if it is brought back in time.

Buy the right equipment

Consult with your dentist on what type of equipment to use. They know it best and they can tell you which brush or paste is good for you.

Scrape your tongue

Go over your tongue with the brush while brushing. Numerous bacteria live in our mouths so it is good to get rid of them as much as we can.