10 Ways to Get Fit for Summer

1. Set a goal. Losing weight takes time and the process should be based on a realistic plan. For instance, if you want to lose 15 pounds in three months, you can do so by losing just over a pound a week. Weigh yourself today and make a goal to reach an ideal weight in three months. You may way 140 pounds right now, trimming your weight to 125 pounds in three months.

2. Make a plan. How will you reach your goal? What will you need to do to move closer to putting that plan in place? Chances are you will need to do a combination of things involving dietary changes and exercise advices Fitness 19.

3. Meet with your physician. If you have health problems, meet with your physician before embarking on a weight loss routine. Even without the attendant health problems, such a meeting can be beneficial as you look for ways to best lose weight. Your doctor can provide invaluable advice as you make your plan.

4. Work out with a friend. You can exercise on your own, but a friend can help see you through it all by working out with you. Accountability can be beneficial to you both — when one person slips, the other can raise her up. Let your friends know about your plans and you may have one or more supporters joining you!

5. Consider a gym membership. Weather conditions can mess up your plans, but if you work out in a gym or an indoor recreation center, then the weather is largely a non factor. Avoid the lengthy and costly gym membership, but do commit to going for as long as your plan is in place. Once you reach your goal you can decide whether to stay at it or do something else.

6. Track your food intake. Keeping a food diary can ensure whether you are getting the right balance of eats and the nutritional benefits. You may need to work with a dietitian here or follow a trusted food regimen that will work best for you.

7. Get suited. Always invest in the types of exercise trainers that are best for you. You need to wear the right shoes, pants, shirts and underwear when exercising. Make sure that the items you pick look great and make you feel fantastic.

8. Make it fun. Losing weight can be a drag, especially when the weight doesn’t “melt away” as you thought it would. Certainly, a cardiovascular workout with weight training can help, but it can also grow tiresome. Consider also incorporating a few fun routines, including laps in the pool or rowing a boat.

9. Drink enough water. Always drink enough fluids when you exercise, especially water. For without enough water you can get dehydrated. Water loss equals weight loss, but it is a false loss that can prove harmful. Sate your thirst to replenish your water content.

10. Stay at it. Keep your eyes on the prize! That means staying with your exercise routine no matter what. You may be tempted to quit, but don’t. You have much to gain and some weight to lose.

Exercise Considerations

If you need to lose a greater amount of weight, you should rely on outside support to get you there. You might also need to modify your plan if you fall behind. Remember: a momentary setback is just that — victory is within reach if you stay at it.