4 Ways to Cut Your Sugar Intake

It doesn’t take being a health expert to realize that sugar is bad for your health. We hear all the time about how sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart problems and tooth decay. Your doctor and dentist will tell you over and over again how important it is to reduce sugar in your diet, so you can maintain good health, making your doctor’s visits and dental care so much easier! But if sugar is a big part of your diet, it can be hard to cut out. Here are some easy ways you can reduce your sugar intake without feeling deprived:

Replace soda

Hands down, soda is one of the biggest contributors to sugar overload in people’s diets. It is especially dangerous for children, who joyously gulp down several sodas in one sitting, spiking their blood sugar to incredible levels. If you can’t cut out the sweet drink immediately, replace it with 100% natural fruit juice diluted with water. Eventually, the healthiest choice is to replace soda entirely with water or sparkling water.

Go for protein and fat

One reason that people overeat processed carbohydrates is because they’re hungry and processed carbs give the quickest burst of energy. The problem is, they turn right to sugar in the bloodstream. To prevent these unhealthy cravings, eat a balanced breakfast filled with protein and fat to keep you sustained all day. Think eggs and bacon with avocado, or oatmeal with peanut butter and coconut milk.

Use natural sweeteners

For those times when you must have a bit of sweetness, use a natural sweetener that won’t spike your blood sugar in quite the same way that refined white sugar does. Honey and agave nectar are healthier options for when you need that sweetness in coffee or tea or on toast.

Cut out alcohol

Alcohol is a huge source of sugar that most people don’t even realize is affecting their health negatively. Especially around the holidays, sugary drinks and sweet wines are consumed in abundance, even paired with dessert, which creates a huge stress on the body. So replace your alcohol drinks with sparkling water and a spritz of cranberry juice, or if you must, limit yourself to one beverage and switch to water. You’ll feel great and never have another hangover!

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