5 Holiday Health Myths Debunked

As soon as the holidays come around, lots of people become anxious about all the potential health problems that come with this time of year. An overload of sugar and unhealthy foods, combined with more inactivity from the cold and snowy weather outside, can lead to potential weight gain and other problems – at least in many people’s minds. But you don’t actually have to worry all that much about your health going downhill around the holidays. Check out these holiday health myths debunked:

Sugar leads to hyperactivity

Around the holidays, you might start to feel wary sending your kids to school, knowing how much candy they’ll be consuming from holiday parties at school. But in fact, sugar doesn’t lead directly to hyperactivity. It does, however, lead to tooth decay, so this is a great reason to avoid feeding your kids candy. Make sure your kids are visiting their dentist regularly especially during this time of year!

Holidays mean weight gain

Don’t stress out so much about gaining weight during the holidays. While there is often an abundance of treats to choose from during this time of year, it doesn’t mean that you need to indulge every time. And for those times you do indulge, trust that your body knows how to balance itself out. It takes an extra 2,000 calories per week to gain just one pound, so don’t feel so guilty for indulging in that piece of pumpkin pie!

There’s never anything healthy to eat

It’s true that wintertime means that fresh fruits and veggies aren’t as abundant as in the warmer months, but this doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating just meat and potatoes. Make the most of winter root veggies like pumpkin and squash by creating delicious meals using these as the main star. You can bring healthy dishes to holiday parties so you have something to eat besides sweets and carb-heavy options as well.

It’s too hard to bounce back

Do you ever feel that slump where you’ve been eating unhealthfully for a while, and it’s hard to get your groove back? Well, you might think it’s impossible to bounce back after a night or a few days of overeating around the holidays, but all it takes is a few conscious choices. First, make sure you start your day with a healthy breakfast. This will prevent you from binging later. And drink lots of water to flush out your system. It will help curb hunger cravings as well!

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