5 Simple Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit that is hard to stop. Ask anyone who has tried and failed numerous times and they can tell you how difficult it is to give tobacco up. Non-smokers probably believe that it’s just a matter of saying no. But in reality, giving up the smoking habit can be a daily challenge. The urge is probably always below the surface and just waiting for the right time to rear its ugly head.

5 Simple Ways to Quit Smoking

If you’ve tried to quit then you know that it sometimes also takes a couple tries to finally beat the habit. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you fail the first time. Just start over and stick to your plans. The habit can be kicked, but it’s going to take some effort to do it. For those thinking about quitting but aren’t sure you can, here are 5 simple ways to help you quit smoking.

Nicotine Replacement

The bad news is that tobacco products contain nicotine and it’s a powerful and addicting drug that is hard to stop cold turkey. So to increase your chances at kicking the habit, try products that offer nicotine therapy.

If you walk down the aisles of your local pharmacy or retail store, there are a wide variety of stop smoking aids that can help you get the nicotine monkey off your back and help you succeed in ending your habit. You can find nicotine patches, gums, and even nasal sprays. These products give you a small dose of nicotine that curbs the craving and gives you support in your attempt to stop smoking altogether.

Prescription Drugs

Some people need more than just a stop smoking aid. One of the best starting points is to visit your doctor and ask about the use of “stop smoking” drugs. These medicines have been made to reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms many smokers have while trying to quit. The negative part of prescription drugs is that they may be very expensive and your health insurance may not cover them. You should still talk with your doctor to see if prescription drugs are the right choice for you.

Cutting Down Gradually

One of the easiest ways to stop smoking is to gradually decrease the number you smoke and go longer periods without lighting up. In between cigarettes you need to keep your mind and hands busy doing other things. It is important to understand the triggers that make you want to light up and when your craving for smoking is the greatest. Once you understand your weakest times, you can gradually decrease until you no longer have the urgent cravings and can say good bye to smoking and hello to the smoke-free world around you.

Stop Smoking Plan

To increase your chances of stopping for good, it is a good idea to plan out your stopping date. Then once you know the day you plan to stop, you can get rid of items, like ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes and start in a fresh and smoke-free environment. If you have the opportunity, buddy up and quit with someone else. This way you have support and a hot line in the event of system failure.

Other Stop Smoking Aids

If you like the idea of gradually quitting, there are some other alternatives that have been successful for some. You can try hypnosis or acupuncture as a starting point. Still you can find other products that may be as helpful. One is the Nic-Out filter from As Seen on TV.

The Nic-Out is filter that you place over the filter on your cigarette. What is does is reduces the amount of tar and nicotine that your body receives. The reduction can be as must as 90%. Reduced tar will help you breathe easier. Reducing the nicotine levels you receive can help you kick the nicotine habit altogether. Go at Carol Wright online shop and check out Nic-Out Filters and other similar product.