How to Avoid Overeating After Working Out

You’ve just completed a workout at the gym, and heading home to relax. You open the pantry, and suddenly feel totally justified in a huge food binge, based on the fact that you just burned off so many calories! Does this sound familiar? Overeating after working out is very common, because we justify our eating habits are balanced out by the exercise. But the fact is that overeating isn’t ever a healthy habit to partake in. If you binge after working out, you’re only reducing the benefits from all that work you just put in. So check out our tips on how to avoid overeating after working out, and achieve the body you dream of.

Workout before a meal

Maybe you’re the kind of person who just can’t help from eating a lot after a workout. Well, make the most of that and schedule your workout before you’re about to eat a meal anyway. This generally works well, since it’s not pleasant to work out after eating – so you can look forward to sitting down to a great meal after you exercise.

Stay away from processed foods and sugar

If you’re going to refuel after your workout, make sure that you choose foods which are high in protein and will refuel you in a healthy way. Don’t reach for sugary or processed foods that will give your blood sugar a quick spike before making you crash. Sugar is also horrible for your teeth, and your dentist would definitely recommend avoiding making sugary foods prominent in your diet.

Drink milk

Milk is packed with protein that you’ll need to recover after a workout. Make a smoothie using milk or yogurt and fresh fruits that will help you reboot after your sweat sesh. If you’re not a fan of dairy, you can use soy or almond milk, just make sure that it has a high protein content. Alternatively, you can use protein powder in your smoothies to bulk up the power.

Eat mindfully

Oftentimes our eating habits are more a habitual pattern than anything else. So if you’re just habituated to consuming a 500 calorie smoothie after every workout, you might end up consuming too many calories when you have just had a quick workout. Instead of letting your food consumption be habitual, be mindful of what you are putting into your body and when. Listen to how your body feels, and if you don’t feel that you need such a big meal or calorie load after a workout, just sip on water until you really do feel hungry.

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