Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

The weather is getting cold, you’re shopping for boots and scarves and suddenly… the holidays are just around the corner! Cue cravings for comfort meals and hot chocolate! You may have resigned yourself to the fact that your pants will just never quite fit as well after the holidays are over. With so many delicious temptations and days relaxing by the fire, it seems so difficult to fit healthy eating and exercise into the daily plan. But you can enjoy the holidays without the extra pounds! Here’s how:

Eat breakfast

You might think that it’s a good idea to cut calories in the morning when you know you’ll be going to a holiday party or feast later on in the day. But actually, this is a bad idea because skipping breakfast means that you’ll be raging with hunger by lunchtime, ready to eat anything that comes across your path. So prepare a well-balanced breakfast even on days you’ll be faced with temptations later. Think oatmeal with nuts and soymilk, or a fried egg on whole week toast with avocado.

Skip the sweets

When you’re going to a holiday party, it’s good to go in with the mindset that you can enjoy some of the foods that you really love. Just make sure that you limit yourself to a few high-calorie treats, rather than piling the whole buffet on your plate. And ideally, fill up on high-protein savory dishes, and leave the sweets behind. Sugar is detrimental to the health of your body and teeth, so do your dentist proud and leave the candy and cookies on the table.


When you put your focus on interacting with friends and family at social gatherings during the holidays, you’ll find yourself enjoying your time so much more than if you’re obsessing what you are or aren’t eating. Enjoy the meal or holiday treats, but prioritize catching up with your loved ones or meeting new interesting people, and you’ll take care of that anxiety about food.

Use smaller plates

At most buffets, you’ll have the option of using a large dinner-sized plate or a smaller, bread or appetizer plate. If you pick this smaller plate, you’ll be far more likely to consume less calories but not feel deprived. You can fill this plate and give your mind the impression that you’re eating far more than if you half-filled the large plate. Tell yourself you can always go back for seconds, after waiting 20 minutes to see how full you really feel.

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