Caring for brittle nails

To care short brittle nails need to be maintained, as this will allow you are not constantly breaking and causing you pain. Relax, it’s not forever, it is best to keep fingernails short during the building process, once your nails are stronger will let them grow and take it as you wish.

When nails are brittle ideally prevent further tearing. This you can achieve by applying a nail hardener to your previously clean nails without traces of other varnish. Once the hardener applied and dry enamel of your choice to further protect your nails. It is ideal that you repeat this process at least every four days.

Caring for brittle nails

To care for brittle nails enamels prefer dark colors. Besides making you look your longest fingernails, dark glazes are stronger and better nails protect one type or clear gloss enamel. It is also advisable to buy moisturizing and fortifying enamel.

Acetone is the worst enemy of weak nails, so to care for your brittle nails is best to use a hardener nail polish remover and acetone unhappy. The only difference is the chemical formula, as these nail removers work just as well as those containing acetone, with the difference that care for and protect your nails.

When you make your manicure and hardener before applying, you can watch your brittle nails giving them a little hydration. To achieve this you only need to moisturize your nails and cuticles with almond oil and give them a brief massage. The moisturizing properties of this oil will help your nails look shiny and prevent break easily.

Brittle nails break just looking at them, so it is important to file them carefully. Do it in a smoother way than usual to prevent lime separates the layers of your nails. Also, never pass the file over your fingernails, as this weakens them and makes them even thinner.

Manicure and wear a nice glaze is something we love, but eventually this too just taking its toll on the nails. And the overuse of poor quality enamels with a high percentage of chemical components is become much weaker and even a yellowish unflattering. It is best not to risk it and choose the less aggressive cosmetics as possible, and opt for a non-acetone nail polish remover.

To care for brittle nails is advisable to wear gloves when cleaning the house. Disinfectants and other cleaning products contain chemicals that are very aggressive and that can weaken your nails. Special gloves to protect the hands clean and prevent any liquid from entering through them.

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