Choosing the Best Grinder for Weed

Looking to buy a new herb grinder but not sure what one to get? That’s ok that why we have made this guide to help you choose the type of grinder you need. When picking a grinder it can be tough because there are so many different ones on the markets and most of them all look the same. However, some are made out of different materials and are different sizes. So without further due, let’s take a look at the three type kinds of grinders you can choose from.

Grinder Material Types

Grinders are typically made with three different types of materials. We are going to share then three types of grinders and which ones are the best to buy.

Acrylic Grinders

These are the most common grinders you will see your gas stations usually. They are made out of a hard thick plastic also known as acrylic. They are very durable and usually last for a while. However if they are dropped to many times on a hard surface they can and will chip after a while. They are fairly inexpensive and cost rough between $5-$15 dollars online compared to $25 at a gas station. However if money isn’t an issue is this situation I would check out the aluminum grinders below which are the best ones to buy and most recommended.

Aluminum Grinders

The Aluminum weed grinders are simply the best because of the material it’s made out of. Aluminum is a high grade metal which is really durable. The reason people choose this type of grinder because you can buy 2pc or 4pc grinders. However, they are the only type of grinder material that offers a 4 pc weed grinder to collect at store kief. This is an extra chamber with a screen that collects and presses the kief or polled into the bottom chamber and stores it for later use.

Wooden Grinders

Wooded grinders are the least recommended grinder to buy. They are cool looking yes, don’t get me wrong but are just wood. This means they are not very durable and won’t last very long if used heavily. Being made of wood they are usually hand-carved and have nail usually as the teeth to grinder the herb and spice. These teeth are usually don’t last long when grinder larger amounts of herbs over and over again. However, if you just need a grinder for a once in a while occasions then it wouldn’t hurt to get one of these grinders for marijuana or spices. They work as great tobacco grinders too.

All in all, when choosing the best grinder make sure it’s a quality and durable one that’s going to last you a long time. The last thing you want to have to do is keep replacing a cheap grinder when you can just buy aluminum one that will last you a life time unless you lose it or gets stolen.