College Grads May Lose Health Insurance

Many of this spring’s college graduates will be shocked to find out they are all on their own and are automatically off their parents’ health insurance plan once commencement ceremonies are over.
“Some graduates may remain on their parents health plan until age 23, 24 or 25, while others drop off immediately upon graduation, it all depends on the wording of the parents health insurance policy, ” said Perry Braun, vice president of Sales for Medical Mutual of Ohio. “So, you can see why it is crucial that parents check the eligibility provisions in their health insurance plan to make sure their graduate is still covered. ”

If not, the increasingly popular personalized health plan is one way graduates can safeguard themselves from the possibility of unforeseen health and financial risk. Personal plans are the fastest growing segment in the health insurance market, offering affordable and dependable quality health coverage.
As an example, a healthy 22-year-old non-smoking male could pay less than $100 a month for coverage with a $500 deductible using SuperMed One, a Medical Mutual Ohio individual health insurance product.
With a personal plan for uninsured health insurance coverage, graduating college students can also customize the benefits to meet their needs. Individual health plans may also include benefits for emergency care and prescription medications. Individuals may also select dental and vision care, short-term medical coverage for six months, and life insurance and critical illness coverage in order to design a plan to fit their needs.
“Going without health insurance is a natural mistake young people often make, ” said Braun. “They don’t think they’ll get sick or get hurt and what they don’t realize is they’re putting their physical and financial health at great risk. ”
Medical Mutual’s Web site,, features a personal premium estimator to give the college graduate and his or her parents an idea of how much a SuperMed One plan would cost, and includes Ohio individual health insurance plans, individual dental insurance plans, or personal vision insurance. Users can submit an application and coverage may begin within one week. Customers may also purchase SuperMed One by contacting an independent insurance broker or by calling 1-800-722-7331.

Founded in 1934, Medical Mutual of Ohio is one of the oldest health insurance companies in America. Based in Cleveland, Medical Mutual serves its customers through high-quality, flexible, and affordable group and personal health insurance plans, and third-party administrative services to self-insured group customers. Medical Mutual offers a full-line of products, including Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Health Savings Account (Ohio HSA Health Plans), personal vision insurance, and individual dental insurance.