How to Crush Your Junk Food Cravings

Cravings are not a fun thing to have. They essentially mean that you really want something that’s bad for you… and in that fact, you often find yourself wanting it more. We all have cravings for certain foods that might not necessarily be healthy… so how can we deal with that, without gaining weight? Just follow some easy tips and you’ll be well on the way to a healthy relationship with your cravings.

Eat a good breakfast

Ever find yourself going crazy around lunchtime, ready to eat the first carbo-loaded snack you can find? Chances are, you’ve skimped out on breakfast. And this is one of the most sure-fire ways to damage your chances of eating healthfully for the rest of the day. So start your day out right with a well-balanced meal including carbs, protein and fats, and you won’t find yourself craving cake before lunchtime.


Replace processed sugar

Foods with processed sugar are bad for you in so many ways. Not only do they raise your risk of many health problems like diabetes, but they cause tooth decay. So make sure to cut out processed sugary foods from your diet- but replace them with whole grains and fruits so you don’t have the cravings! And always make sure to visit your dentist to take care of any problem brought on by sugary foods.

Reduce your servings

Just because you have a craving for something unhealthy, doesn’t mean you have to shun it completely from your diet. The more you restrict yourself from foods you love, the more you’ll end up wanting to have them. So instead, let yourself indulge a bit in the foods you crave. Just make sure to control the portion size so it doesn’t get out of control! There is nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious brownie – just make sure you don’t eat the whole pan.

Lay off the guilt

Trying to feel great and eat healthfully, without craving those unhealthy foods you really love? You might want to think about setting aside all the guilt for those times when you actually do indulge in these foods! Your body is made to balance itself out, and happiness comes from balance, after all, not from eating perfectly all the time.

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