Cut Health Insurance Programs for Children Brewer

Washington to Barrack Asama for sale in the museum store in the Smithsonian are made in China now ask yourself when was the last time you saw product made in the USA America lost 42, 000 factory since topknot jobs factories there’s a slow in covert takeover occurring in the US is the Chinese are essentially buying our nation we’re turning into a vassal state and thinking the president who is going to walk out of the white house tomorrow changes nation’s economic policies to certainly benefit the US is beyond naive so my expectations rather low in this meeting between President Osaka new so waiting for China we need change are economic policies on our own we’ve done this to ourselves China has adopted a mercantile economy meaning they export more products in the import they make more money than they spend we used to practice protectionist mercantilism in the United States in 1791 Alexander Hamilton put forth Hiss-point protectionist plan to boot up the American economy his plan was the law of the land for nearly two hundred years and turn the United States into the world economic superpower that was until the Reagan swept into office with the new free trade mantra after Reagan the US when.

It went from being the world’s largest creditor as china is today to be in the world’s largest debtor awe are today we went from being the world’s largest exporter finished goods to the world’s largest importer finished goods free trade did create millions of jobs in China now China’s power poised to bathe new global economic superpower so as President Asama meets with President Hub our nation’s leverage is severely weakened it’s like Topknots purses that Jackie Chan and it could be that way for the rest the 21st century unless we change our nation’s industrial policy it’s time to return the Hamilton’s eleven-point plan of protectionism before it’s too late once a nation drops below a certain threshold when it comes to domestic manufacturing can’t get out of the hole America is approaching that threshold show do we turn it around we drop our own after drop out at the Two.