Why being a dentist is a great career choice

We know that there are a lot of young people out there who want to become a dentist in the future, so we thought it was a great idea to ask some real pros why they encourage people to take up dentistry. We got in touch with the good people over at The Parkway Swansea to find out why it is such a great job. The experienced staff at the surgery certainly do know what they are talking about, we hope that all aspiring dentists read this and are even more inspired to follow their dreams.

Before we get into all of the feedback from the dentists in Swansea it should be noted that the overriding theme that came across in all responses was that being a dentist is extremely rewarding and also exciting. Any job that has those two attributes is going to lead to a long and fulfilling career!

So, why do dentists love their job?

Feel great all day

When you make someone’s teeth look better and send them away smiling because of the work that you have done you simply feel great for the rest of the day. A complicated dental procedure can almost be described as putting the last piece in a huge jigsaw. The feeling of accomplishment that you get will keep you smiling!

Financial reasons

Ok, so it’s time to be very blunt – dentists will earn a very good salary. The best thing about studying hard is that you know once you finish it will not take long before you start earning money. Unlike most other jobs, dentistry has very little financial progression so this means that a dentist in their 20’s will often be earning as much as a dentist in their 50’s. That means you get to reap the rewards of your hard efforts at university a lot sooner than most of your friends, you can get that deposit on a mortgage and really start living your life!

You meet people

Being a dentist means that throughout your career you will meet so many people that you otherwise would not have known. You will make friends that you would never have made. It is extremely valuable in life to meet people and learn more about others, it also means that you will grow in confidence in public situations.