Dieting isn’t the only way to be fit

Dieting isn't the only way to be fit

There are so many myths which you are otherwise, bound to believe in. For example, it is advocated that drinking juices of fruits is simply good for your dieting regime. In fact, the truth is that, juices too have ample amount of sugars and same goes for the fruits. You have to actually work on the amount of anything you intake. Nuts, as they say, are very good and have ‘good’ carbohydrates. But, again it goes; even the almonds taken in large amounts will cause weight gain. If you were cutting out all the fat from your food, you were doing it wrong. Avocado, olive oil and coconut oil are actually considered as good fat which gets easily digested in the body. Another thing you need to work on is your workout plan. Dieting and losing weight are pretty much a cliché. Pick up any exercise according to your liking, and then make a habit of following it daily. Binge eating and then guilty workouts are not the right way towards a weight loss program.

Losing fat is never easy. This is a fact. Your body needs to warm up to a degree at which fat burns. So doing excessive crunches will just tone up your muscles, rather than give you trim waistline. While picking up your food and grocery, don’t forget to pick up vegetables with lots of fibres. Items like broccoli, seaweed will make good supplements. But, on no account ignore the food rich with carbohydrates. They are also required by your body in adequate amounts.