Diets That Work: Learn the most effective!

Points of diet

Diet of points

Who does not want to abstain from eating things they like and do not go hungry can use the diet of thepoints. In this type of diet, it is stipulated a maximum number of points to be consumed per day. Each point is worth about 3 calories and so it is important to keep track of the count.

With this, you can still eat everything you like, but in moderate amounts. The new version of the diet, however, recommends cutting the consumption of trans fats, achieving more efficient results.

Mediterranean diet

It is known that the people of the Mediterranean tend to suffer less from diseases and live longer. Much of their secret lies in the power and you can follow a Mediterranean diet to lose weight.

This diet emphasizes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and healthy fats to the body, such as salmon, nuts and olive oil.

Protein Diet

Known as the Atkins diet and the basis for the famous Dukan diet, the protein diet is to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates bad and fat and increase consumption of protein and beneficial fats for the body

Thus, the metabolism is accelerated, since the body tends to be more difficult to digest protein. In addition, when combined with physical activity, this diet causes the body to gain more lean mass, further accelerating the metabolism.

Flexetariana diet

While it is beneficial to those who want to lose weight, the vegetarian lifestyle is considered very difficult to follow by many people. To work around the situation, however, there is flexetariana diet.

This diet emphasizes the consumption of vegetables, legumes, vegetables and fruits, but also allows moderate consumption of meat. Fats should be healthy fats to the body, such as grains and seeds, and one should avoid using processed foods and reduce sodium intake.

Organic diet

Other diets that work to lose weight, organic diet allows only the consumption of organic foods, ranging from fruits and vegetables even the meat.

In such cases, it eliminates the consumption of substances that are bad for the body and contribute to fat accumulation and swelling. Portions are moderate and the consumption of whole foods is prioritized over those made with white flour.

Get medical monitoring

Regardless of the diet always seek medical attention because some diets work for weight loss can be dangerous if not accompanied by a professional.

Thus, diets that work to lose weight primarily include low consumption of calories and carbohydrates.Proteins are prioritized, accelerating metabolism, but it is always important to the accompaniment of a doctor to ensure the health and the results as desired.