How To Differentiate Between Fake And Genuine HGH Products?

This is one of the most common questions which newbie and first time HGH users ask me. As HGH supplements are now the leader in body growth enhancement domain everyone wants to use them. Problem is that there are hundreds of brands from many manufacturers. It is not at all easy to decide which of these products is actually reliable and effective.


In case you are using the pharm grade HGH supplements that too bought from a pharmacy then you can consider it to be genuine. Otherwise if you bought these HGH Pills from the online stores or underground market then it is very difficult to differentiate between real and fake HGH supplements. There are some ways which can help you to find out whether a product is genuine or fake. Here I am going to reveal some methods which you can implement.

Which tests will not help?

IGF-1 Test

If you think that the IGF-1 test will be decisive in finding whether a HGH is real or fake then you are wrong. It’s simple why this test will not work. It is because increased level of IGF-1 does not mean your product contains HGH, it can contain IGF-1 which is a cheaper alternative and increases levels of IGF.

Pregnancy test

HGH is fake or real cannot be found with the pregnancy test as well. Scammers use an alternative called HCG as HGH as it is similar in appearance. In old times a pregnancy test if came out to be positive was an indicator that you got fake HGH. However now days scammers have gone way too far and using compound which cannot be detected under pregnancy test, so quit the idea.

Rest all stuff like the holograph, serial number, or the package brand cannot tell you about the genuineness of a HGH product.

What’s the real catch?

We know anyone can fake the boxes, labels and hologram of legit products easily. Scammers can even setup a website where they can validate the fake serial ids. However there are some ways to get original product.

  • Visit any of the private MD labs. You can find a number of them online.
  • Then ask for the HGH or Human Growth Hormone test.
  • You will be given all the details of the test and how it will be conducted.
  • In the test report you will get the details, analyze them.

In the report you will get the normal value of the human growth hormone in the body and the test levels of HGH in your body. The elevated levels will indicate that you are using the real product. Blood tests are most recommended ones for testing the levels of HGH in the body. A product when taken usually takes up to 3 hours to increase production of growth hormones in the body.

Therefore you will be asked to take the HGH test within this time period of using the HGH supplement to be tested.

Whether a HGH product is real or fake is a tough call. You cannot straight forward make out which supplement is real, but there are ways as mentioned here to find out the truth.