Does Anyone Care That Obamacare Is Discriminating Against Smokers?

Obamacare was lauded by liberals for its non-discriminatory practices. Unlike older healthcare plans, insurers could no longer charge the sick or the old higher premiums. This is undoubtedly a great provision which made healthcare more affordable and more accessible for marginalized groups. However, Obamacare also discriminates against smokers—and nobody seems to care. Smokers have already been thrust to the margins of society, and smoking is no longer allowed in public areas such as schools or restaurants. Smokers already have to pay significant taxes just to get a pack. So why does Obamacare allow insurers to charge up to 50 percent higher premiums for smokers? Why is discrimination so openly allowed, and even lauded? Smokers know all of the risks that they are taking, and they are making an individual choice. Why should the government say that insurers can’t increase premium prices on the obese, but that it is ok to do so for smokers? Who gets to make these arbitrary decisions? It is clear that smokers are unfairly being singled out by Obamacare, and unfortunately, there isn’t much that smokers can do until the legislation is amended or repealed.

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