E-cigarettes are better than Nicotine Gums?

E-cigarettes are better than Nicotine Gums

Many studies in the recent times have confirmed that e-cigarettes are becoming a huge threat for the tobacco industry and the tobacco industry would like to see e-cigarettes go away. This just confirms the fact that even the bigger players in the tobacco industry accept the fact that e-cigarettes are fast taking over the smoking world.

The use of e-cigarettes has grown rapidly across Europe and the United States in recent times. The smoking regulators are now scrambling to figure out how to respond in the absence of hard evidence about the effects of e-cigarettes as well. The truth be told, e-cigarettes are much better than tobacco products as it does not contain many of the harmful chemicals and illness inducing elements you can find in a traditional cigarette or other tobacco products.

A debate which is ongoing in the United States, where some experts are saying, e-cigarettes may be a factor to lure youngsters to smoking. We believe this is not true, as it will positively push smokers to switch to e-cigarettes which are not as dangerous like traditional cigarettes.

The central question however still remains whether e-cigarettes will cause the rank of smokers to shrink or swell. So far, the evidence seems very thin to provide a convincing answer as per studies. A clinical study in New Zealand has shown that people using e-cigarettes had a slightly better quit rate than those using patches or nicotine gums for that matter. Which again proves our point that using e-cigarettes is much better than going for nicotine gums or patches?

An English study, which was not a clinical trial, the gold standard of scientific research, had participants which would have been randomly assigned to different groups where, for example, one that used e-cigarettes to quit and another had used nicotine patches or gums. But most authors of the study said even though they were controlled for a lot of factors, the outcome were apart from the valuable insights into a smoker’s world, e-cigarettes proved to be a more favorite form for active smokers to start the process of quitting.

E-cigarettes are better than Nicotine Gums1

Professor Robert West, director of the Tobacco Studies at University College, London and senior author of the study says clinical trials could not answer the question most people have about whether e-cigarettes help smokers quit, but they do in fact have a natural tendency to be chosen by smokers of traditional smokers over nicotine patches and gums as they are the closest they get to a real cigarette and it also helps them overcome the urge to smoke.