Effective Ways to Curb Arthritis Pain

For years, you’ve struggled with the hardships of living with arthritis. Without warning, you constantly fall victim to inflamed joints and have no choice but to deal with the accompanying pain. It’s bad enough when these episodes occur at home, but lately, they’ve begun to compromise your performance at the office. Trying to concentrate on work while your joints feel like they’re on fire is all but impossible. Worse yet, if your arthritis flares up when you’re behind the wheel, you stand to put yourself, your passengers and any nearby motorists in tremendous danger. For as long as you can remember, you’ve simply accepted arthritis as a part of life. Having decided that remedying the problem was impossible, you’ve resigned yourself to a life of frequent joint flare-ups. However, curbing arthritis pain is much easier than you may think. In the fight against arthritis, the following tips should not be overlooked.
Joint Replacement Surgery

If the pain in a certain arthritic joint absolutely refuses to relent, it may be time to consider joint replacement surgery. As the name suggests, this operation involves the removal and replacement of an arthritis-stricken joint with a resilient artificial joint. This type of surgery is generally low-risk and covered under most insurance plans. As an added bonus, the recovery time involved with joint replacement surgery tends to be fairly short in comparison to other arthritis-related operations. Before deciding to replace an arthritic joint, make sure to discuss potential risk factors with your doctor. She may ultimately decide to see how well you respond to certain pain medications before advising you to move forward with the operation.
Regular Exercise and Weight Loss

Arthritis pain is particularly prevalent in overweight individuals. The more weight you carry, the more pressure you put on your arthritic joints. This, in turn, gives ways to heightened arthritis pain and increases the frequency of the flare-ups. Unfortunately, getting regular exercise is easier said than done for many arthritis sufferers. Exercises that involve weight-bearing, like running, power-walking and strength-training, have a tendency to put tremendous pressure on your joints. For this reason, many doctors recommend that arthritis sufferers engage in pool-based exercises, like swimming and water aerobics, at least several times a week. Additionally, to maintain a healthy weight, make sure to eat a balanced diet that’s rich in grains, fruits and vegetables.
Heat Application

When it comes to relieving joint stiffness and arthritis pain, applying heat to the troubled area can offer tremendous relief. Starting and ending each day with a hot shower or bath can do wonders for your aching joints. In addition, whether you’re at home or the office, always keep a heat pad within reach. In the event of an unexpected flare-up, simply plug in the pad and place it over the affected joint.

Millions of people across the globe contend with arthritis pain on a daily basis. Fortunately, by utilizing the previously discussed tips, you can finally cast off the shackles of arthritis and get back to enjoying your life.