How to find a good Pediatric Dentist


In most cases, you will not only want a dentist that will fit within your budget or takes your insurance, but you will certainly want a pediatric dentist that enjoys working with children. With the right dentist, your child’s experience can be one that is relaxed and fun instead of fear and anxiety.

Follow this simple guideline and you will find the best pediatric dentist for your little one.

Always ask about their training and education. A pediatric dentist will have finished two extra years of residency training especially working with teens, kids and babies along with children with special needs.

Ensure they have experience working with children that are the same age as your child.

Ask family and friends if they have a dentist they would recommend for your child.

You can ask your pediatrician if they know of a good pediatric dentist.

Check online for local pediatric dentists. You may find a few websites that offer reviews of local dentists, so you can get a better idea of the one that will fit your needs

What to expect when you visit a good Pediatric dentist

The first visit should always be one that is more of an introduction. The dentist may check your child’s teeth and gums if they are cooperative. If they are anxious or scared, the first visit may not be long at all, however you will reschedule for a later date so the examination can be thorough.

As soon as your child gets its first tooth, you should visit a pediatric dentist. The dentist will provide an oral exam and check for the risk of cavities. You will be provided with information that will help you and your child properly clean their teeth from the beginning for better dental health.

The dentist will be able to not only provide dental care, cleaning, and sealants, but will also let you know if your child needs fluoride and check for normal tooth development. A good pediatric dentist does so much more than just check teeth but can work with children to prevent gum disease, care for fractured teeth, and manage other oral problems such as ulcers. The most important advice from the dentist will be how to properly care for your child’s teeth and the advice provided to children as they grow on the correct way to brush and floss.

The atmosphere is often one of the most important factors if you want your child to remain calm and relaxed. Check out the office and ensure it is kid friendly. The instruments used should be the correct size for your child’s mouth. The dentist staff should be friendly and the entire atmosphere should be positive and calm. Pay attention to the reaction of the dentist if your child is scared or crying. Above all else, ensure you are comfortable with your choice.