Get a Thorough View of Various Parts of Vaporizers

The Firefly vaporizer is an electronic inhaler meant to arouse and substitute for tobacco inhalation. It heats an element to vaporize   a liquid in order to release nicotine. There are others that just release similar vapor to give the user a similar effect as vaping a regular vaporizer.

The benefits and risks of this vaping are still unclear, but, it is probably safer than regular vaporizer vaping. Also, the laws regarding its sale and use differ from place to place.

Tests have revealed that certain brands of vaporizer showed traces of toxic elements like nitrosamines and diethylene glycol. Other impurities found in tobacco were also found in the cartridges of e-vaporizers. The only saving grace being that the amounts were significantly lower and considered by some as practically harmless, which is reassuring that using the Firefly vaporizer is a much safer alternate to regular vaping.

Understanding the different parts of a vaporizer

Most vaporizer is cylindrical in shape and comprises of a liquid, a cartridge, an atomizer and a source of power. Many brands of vaporizer are designed in a streamlined fashion with disposable parts which can be disposed of when the liquid runs out.


  • Cartridge: The cartridge generally holds the liquid and houses the mouthpiece. Some brands may have separate mouthpieces. This is designed to facilitate the flow of liquid into the atomizer where it vaporizes and enters the smoker’s mouth. Some brands use a liquid, whereas, others may use a foam or gel like substance. On the consumption of this liquid or foam or gel, the cartridge can be refilled or replaced with another cartridge.
  • Atomizer: This is the mid section of the vaporizer and contains a small heating element that helps in producing the vapor from the liquid. It also has a wick that draws the liquid inside. Some brands of vaporizer called “Dripping“ variety do not have a container to hold the liquid, instead require regular moistening of the wick.
  • Cartomizer: This is another variation of an atomizer that replaces the regular atomizer which loses their efficiency after a period of use by the development of sediment. The cartomizer is used instead and replaces the cartridge component. The Firefly vaporizer consists of a heating component surrounded by liquid poly- foam soaked.
  • Power: Many brands use rechargeable batteries and naturally form the largest part of the vaporizer. These batteries may contain an electronic air flow sensor which gets activated when the breath is drawn in, while there are other models that use a power button that is held when in use. Some models may use an LED to indicate activation. Other manufactures offer a vaporizer pack shaped charging case which contains a much larger battery and is employed to charge the e-vaporizers. Other devices may offer other features as variable power output and support of a wide range of internal batteries and atomizers.
  • Liquid: This is the liquid that produces the vapour and is sometimes referred to as “Juice” or liquid. It comprises of a mix of a solution of propylene, vegetable glycerine and polyethylene glycol 400 mixed with different flavours and different degree of nicotine concentration including nicotine free varieties. They are available in a bottle or as in disposable cartridges.