Gluten intolerance: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Symptoms: mainly gastrointestinal symptoms

In adults, celiac disease manifests itself mainly by digestive disorders: diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, bloating.
These symptoms can also be associated with other signs such as severe fatigue, hair loss, cramping, aphtoses and arthritis.
In women, gluten intolerance can cause menstrual irregularities and miscarriages in rare cases.
Note: the number of symptoms and their intensity vary depending on the individual, hence the importance of diagnosis.

Consult a physician for diagnosis

It is recommended to consult a physician if the symptoms listed above.
Complications of celiac disease are rare and lesions regress usually after two years, but it is important to make an accurate diagnosis to determine an appropriate management if necessary.
In France, only 20% of cases of celiac disease are diagnosed according AFDIAG (French Gluten Intolerance Association).

A blood test and endoscopy for a reliable diagnosis

The diagnosis of celiac disease based on two steps.
Initially, a blood test is performed to detect the presence of antibodies specific to the disease: anti endomyosum, antigliadin and anti transglutaminase.
If the assessment is positive, a second test is performed to confirm the diagnosis. It is an endoscopic examination, designed to visualize the inside of the small intestine and to find lesions using a camera.In addition, this examination, also called endoscopy esophago-gastro-duodenal fragments allows the collection of intestinal tissue for analysis (biopsy).

Treatment: a suitable diet to relieve symptoms

There is no drug treatment for celiac disease at present. The management is to follow a suitable diet and strict life.
Indeed, once confirmed the diagnosis of celiac disease, it is strongly recommended to eliminate gluten from the diet by eating foods without gluten in origin, or gluten-free certified products. In cooking, it is also advisable to use separate utensils to prepare a gluten-free meal.
Consult a physician is