Going Traveling, Why Not Surf Australia?

Australia is a major travel destination globally. The country boasts of having many fascinating destinations ranging from scenic beauties, thrillingwildlife, magnificentshores, fascinating waterfalls and a highly interesting surfing in its vast waters. Whoever cherishes a great time away from land should particularly pay a visit to this great country and get an amusing taste of surfing. This subcontinent has a lot of superb surfing hubs such as Byron Bay, the northern beaches, Northernbeaches, between Snapper rocks, BellsBeach, at Crescent Head, MargaretRiver among many other surfing destinations.

1. Byron Bay
-This beach is located in the far end joint of the state of New South Wales and boasts of a very conducive coastline for surfing.
-It is highly fit for surfing owing to its long and relatively straight coastline. This is particularly a good ground for amateurs in surfing.
-For professional and elite surfers, ultimate challenge awaits them as they cruise deeper into to the high waters where the wind and waves become a little violent and rougher.
-Byron Bay hosts thousands of tourists annually who have developed a great sense of surfing and beach tourism.
-This is among the world’s best surfing destinations for both amateurs and professional surfers.

2. Bell’s Beach
-Tourquay, Bell’s Beach holds a special place in Australian surfing and is referred as home of surfing. This beach is found along the coastline of Victoria which is another tourist hub.
-Here, water and depth rises as one departs from the coast. At the coast, the water is shallow and fits surfing learners and this advances as one goes deeper.
-The reefs here also spice up the art of surfing and provides extra fun as one wades alongside the waves.
-The beach as the said founder of professional surfing holds surfing competitions where winners are given a trophy resembling a bell as a way of recalling the age old tradition.
-Surfing during sunset provides such an amazing and photogenic view worth remembering.

3. The Northern Beaches
-Located in the northern peninsula of Sydney, these includes the Palm Beach and the Manly Beach both in the New South Wales State.
-For youngsters, the nearby fresh water beach provides a conducive learning ground and also for surfboard riding.
-At the coast, the water may seem cool and lazy but on delving deeper, the surfer will find numerous breaks, fast waves and various upheaval which all ensure that a surfer gets the best in the ultimate challenge with nature.
-This stretch of beaches will apparently give the visit the best choice of pending the hot afternoons cruising in the waters and having the ultimate joy of a lifetime.

4. Pacific Palms
-This beach alongside the Seal Rocks automatically stands out tall as a great surfing destination and is situated in New South Wales State.
-For an elite surfer, this would possibly be the best place to be. Fast epic waves generated from the Pacific Ocean makes the whole surfing thing be fast, fascinating and memorable.
-The wide coastline also offers the surfer a wide range of choice; be it in the rough wavy waters or near the coast where the water is cool with slow, predictable rhythmic waves.

it is therefore important that the next time you consider traveling, you think of getting an Australian visa and heading to these memorable surfing spots and get the best moments of your time.