Good Reasons to Switch from Regular Cigarettes to E-Cigs

As a cigarette smoker, there’s no doubt that you realize that smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your health and that quitting is recommended by most healthcare professionals. Maybe you’ve noticed lately that more and more people are kicking the tobacco habit and are instead smoking e-cigarettes or e-cigs as they are also called. There is good reason behind this trend as e-cigarettes are better for your health than regular cigarettes. Here are a few good reasons for you to make the switch from your regular cigs to e-cigarettes.

No More Dirty Ashes

An e-cigarette works by heating a solution wherein it turns to vapor. Since this process does not involve any combustion, no ash is produced. This means by switching to e-cigs, you will never again have to deal with sticky, dirty ash that seems to get on everything including your clothes. Imagine never again having to look at and smell those disgusting ashtrays caked with filthy ash and overflowing cigarette butts!

E-Cigs Have Far Fewer Dangerous Chemicals

One of the main reasons so many people are choosing to smoke e-cigs instead of regular cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes contain far fewer harmful chemicals. When regular cigarettes are smoked, you are being exposed to hundreds of toxins with many of them being known to cause cancer. This number is drastically reduced when you change over to electronic cigs which makes this alternative much safer for your health.

Many Great Flavors to Choose From

One of the best reasons to start smoking e-cigarettes is the fact that they come in a very wide variety of flavors. While you will still be getting the nicotine you enjoy, you will also be enjoying it in your flavor of choice be it coffee, chocolate, vanilla or something more exotic such as pina colada! People who smoke e-cigs love having the opportunity to explore a wide range of flavors as they puff away on their favorite brand. When regular cigarettes are smoked, you basically have two choices which are regular and menthol. This variety of flavor choices is one of the main reasons so many people snuff out their regular cigarettes and make the switch to e-cigs.

You Choose the Strength You Want

If you think that flavor is the only choice you have in e-cigarettes, think again! You also can choose the strength of the nicotine you inhale. Many people new to smoking tobacco-less cigs start with 18 milligrams of nicotine and then work their way down to 5 milligrams or even less. You can even buy e-cigarettes which contain no nicotine whatsoever if you’d like. This is something that is not possible when you smoke regular cigarettes unless of course you quit!

You Can Smoke Wherever You Choose

With more and more no-smoking bans being put into place, it is becoming increasingly inconvenient to smoke regular cigarettes. When you make the choice to e-cigarettes, you can light up whenever and wherever you like. This is because electronic cigarettes emit vapor and not smoke.