Health benefits of marijuana you didn’t know about

Marijuana has been shrouded by a lot of controversy in the past since it is a controlled substance. However, after a lot of studies and research, marijuana has been found to have some amazing health benefits, and this has led to successful legalization in some countries. Marijuana has shown a lot of potential for medical advances and the following are some of the presently known health benefits of marijuana.

Control the spread of HIV virus in the body

The human immunodeficiency virus is a dangerous virus whose cure has not yet been identified. HIV attacks and weakens the immune system leaving the infected individual vulnerable to opportunistic infection. HIV is not what causes death but the complications that arise from having a weak immune system. The virus courses through the blood and there is an active ingredient in marijuana that has been found to stop the spread of the virus in test animals preventing progression to full blown AIDS.

Slows Alzheimer’s disease progression

Alzheimer’s is a slow progression disease that often affects elderly individuals leading to dementia and memory loss. A couple of years ago, researchers discovered that marijuana prevents protein clumps, which often inhibit memory and cognition. It also blocks the enzyme that is responsible for the progression of the disease.

Stopping metastasis in some types of cancer

You have probably heard of cancer patients receiving medical marijuana prescriptions. Marijuana contains a compound that can slow down the spread of cancer cells. Particularly, studies have shown that marijuana has a great impact on Leukemia. The cannaboids used lead to reduced cell viability and even arrest at all phases of the cell cycle hence slowing the progression of the disease while other treatments continue.


This is the most popularly known use of Marijuana. Marijuana extract has been used in the manufacture of pain medication since it works as an anti-inflammatory pain relief. This pain relief has been used in managing a wide variety of conditions including arthritis and migraines. The effects of marijuana are much stronger than aspirin.

Combating depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Small doses of marijuana have been found to control symptoms of anxiety and ADHD. People who consume marijuana, occasionally or even daily, showed lower levels of depression symptoms as compared to people who have never used marijuana before.

Treating Epilepsy and Tourette’s

Studies have shown that medicinal marijuana has the ability to relieve the symptoms of Tourette’s and pediatric epilepsy in small doses. There is a special strain of marijuana that has been developed for treating these conditions called “Charolette’s Web”, named after an epilepsy patient who led to the discovery.

Preventing loss of vision from glaucoma

Glaucoma often ends up in vision loss among patients suffering from the condition. Medicinal marijuana helps to relieve the pressure inside the eye hence preventing blindness. The marijuana is injected orally, through inhalation or intravenously from an injection. Many glaucoma patients have enjoyed the benefits of medicinal marijuana due to this discovery.


Dr. Leah Greendale is a research specialist who has been studying marijuana for the past 10 years. For more information please visit