Health and Medical Care for Travel in Turkey

The thought of traveling excites especially when going for a vacation, but if you’re attending to any business it might not be exciting as such. We ought to take health precautions despite the place you’re visiting.

Exploring Turkey.
The country is located between Asia and Europe. When exploring you will notice the beautiful landscapes and their well-known rich culture. In addition to enjoying their classy medical care, you will not help but realize many historical features that are worth visiting more than once and not to mention their aesthetic beauty.

Health Precautions.

Before traveling it’s advisable to study and understand your destination: their lifestyle, food and drinks, health hazards not to mention the weather you will encounter. Consult your doctor or a health travel clinic about a month before traveling. This will also provide an opportunity for the doctor to recommend the vaccines you will need.

Vaccines and medicines recommended include:

1. Typhoid – This is contracted through contaminated foods and drinks especially if visiting smaller towns or if you like trying different foods in different places.
2. Hepatitis A – It is recommended because anyone visiting can get Hepatitis A through water and food. Eating and staying in big restaurants doesn’t guarantee your health safety so taking this vaccine is not an option.
3. Hepatitis B – Contaminated needles, blood that is infected and sexual intercourse easily transmit this disease which may later affect your liver. In Turkey this is considered a routine vaccine and not optional at all.
4. Malaria – Although the country doesn’t have a high risk in malaria it’s advisable to take precautions especially if you will be visiting different areas or spending most of your time outdoors. This prescription can be taken anytime during the traveling period, thou it’s mostly recommended to take it even before you travel. Always do your best to avoid mosquito bites as they are the cause of this disease.
5. Rabies – Travelers who will spend most of their time outdoors, those at high risk of animal bites, those who will encounter pets especially when visiting family or friends; should take this vaccine.

Another factor to be considered is Travelers’ diarrhea caused by the changes in food which can eventually cause digestion problems. Before travelling you should eat less amounts of food until the time you feel your stomach is ready to take larger amounts or new kinds of food.

It is advisable to ensure that your medical insurance covers you even when you are out of your country. This will make it easier in case you are sick and you need medical attention. Take only bottled mineral water, eat moderately and when not feeling well take lots of rest. Ensure you have all your travel documents including the turkish visa in order to avoid any shortcomings. If traveling for pleasure take time and enjoy every bit of adventure that will come your way. I am sure the beauty of turkey will leave you breathless. Be aware of your surroundings to make sure you do not get lost in case you are a first time visitor. Use the marked sidewalks when walking and be aware of the traffic around you.