How To Reduce Toxins In Your Daily Life

We are bombarded by toxins on a daily basis. They are in the food we eat, the drinks we drink, and even in the air we breathe. Even sticking to a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, and generally leading a healthy life may not be enough to completely prevent the intake of toxins in our bodies. Fortunately, our bodies, and especially our liver, are skilled at getting rid of some of these toxins, but the rigours of modern life mean that the body’s natural defences may not be enough alone, and you should look for ways in which to supplement the two stage detoxification process of the liver.

Reduce Toxins In Your Life card isolated on white background

Reduce Toxins In Your Life card isolated on white background

Consider The Containers


Even moving to organic food and increasing your water intake may not be enough to eliminate toxins from your diet, especially if you don’t take notice of the containers that your food come in, and the bottles that contain your water. The tins, cartons, and bottles themselves may contain harmful toxins that will be passed into your body when you consume their contents.


Check Your Make-Up


Make-up ingredients should be as natural and healthy as possible, and there are those that swear by the idea that if you can’t eat it then you shouldn’t wear it. Even some big name cosmetic brands use harmful chemicals and introduce toxins into the body through the skin. This goes for all the makeup you use. Just because you don’t eat it doesn’t mean that it can’t transmit the harmful toxins.


Natural Cleaners


Similarly, when you are shopping for household cleaners, make sure that they are natural cleaners and contain natural ingredients. The toxins from cleaners will be passed from the surfaces that you clean and into your body either through digestion, inhalation, or through topical application. In this case, they can even be passed on by sitting on the toilet seat, so take care when choosing the cleaners that you buy.


Go Organic


Try to ensure that as much of the food that you eat as possible is organic, and always avoid processed foods in favour of natural foods. Fruit and vegetables are good, but only really if they are chemical and toxin free, so look for ethical and organic foods and do remember to check the containers that they come in.


Stop Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, And Abusing Any Other Substances


Substance abuse is a sure fire way of ensuring that your body is bombarded with toxins, and this not only includes illegal toxins. Most of us know the dangers of smoking, but drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and consuming any other stimulants will ensure that your toxin levels remain filled to the brim.


Reduce Stress


When we get stressed, our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol. This can lead to chronic diseases including high blood pressure, and it can also cause weight gain and other physiological problems. The problem is that the body cannot determine the difference between physical and emotional stress and it treats both in the same way, and elevated stress levels over a prolonged period of time can lead to serious complications.


Vital Detox offers detoxification retreats that include beautiful surroundings and relaxation techniques to help reduce stress, as well as detox diets and cleansing diets to help remove the toxins from your body.