Latest Technologies in Dental Care

Like most areas in the healthcare industry, the field of dental care is rapidly changing and evolving. Innovative materials, new technologies and treatment methods are impacting the work done by dental care professionals, technicians and dental hygiene experts. The newly available technologies will make dental treatments easier, more effective, and affordable for every patient.

During the last three years, the dental care industry witnessed important new product launches featuring new materials and techniques that helped shape modern dentistry. According to dental experts, one of the most important trends, that is also expected to evolve in the next five years, is the digitization of equipment and tools. Besides mass digitization, the dental care industry has also been flooded with new microscopic devices, cutting edge materials, new breakthrough LASER technology, as well as other state-of-the-art accessories that help dentists as well as patients.

Here is a list covering some of the latest technologies in dental care:

  1. VELscope oral assessment system

The first step when treating oral health conditions is to assess the existing situation carefully. Looking for oral abnormalities, mucosal damage, infections, and inflammation has always been one of the most difficult tasks for dentists. Knowing exactly the underlying medical conditions and determining the symptoms is a critical step when choosing the right dental treatment.

The VELscope oral assessment system is a small, handheld, mobile device that uses fluorescent light to detect small oral abnormalities that would have otherwise been overlooked. Oral abnormalities easily detected with the VELscope system include viral, bacterial or fungal infections, various types of inflammations and allergic reactions, papillomas, salivary gland tumors, pre-cancers, and cancers.

  1. The Canary System for cavity detection

This amazing product, just launched mid-2014, was warmly welcomed by both dentists and dental technology experts, and is also expected to “wow” patients. With a compact and sleek design, this tool uses new LASER technology to assess and detect damage to the teeth, specifically dental caries and lesions as deep as 5 mm inside. According to the manufacturer, the Canary System can detect lesions and infections as small as 50 microns across and has a success rate of 98 percent. This noninvasive technology uses a low-power, pulsating light that collects luminescence and heat prints from the outer and inner layers of the tooth.

  1. The EndoSequence root repair material

The new product launches from Brasseler USA, a leading medical supplies manufacturer, include the BC Sealer, the Root Repair Material, and the new Obturation System. These three products will change the way dentists work and will cut down costs, reduce setting times and improve the lifespan of tooth fillings.

The new chemical compounds included in the BC Sealer product react with the natural moisture present in the dentinal tubules of the teeth, initiating the setting process. Similarly, the Root Repair Material has a new chemical formula that is highly osteogenic and biocompatible, ensuring faster and more robust results. Also, the BC Obturation system includes bioceramic nanoparticles that coats the outer layers of the tooth, offering excellent protection and increasing fracture resistance.

  1. EasyThread Floss

Coming from Sunstar Americas, the EasyThread Floss system is the result of the work of numerous dental hygienists, dentists, and health care professionals. The strands are accurately designed to fit every narrow space between the teeth, ensuring excellent cleaning capabilities. EasyThread features an intelligent measuring device that segments each strand of floss for single use, eliminating waste and cutting down on unnecessary rewinding. Each strand of floss has durable threaded sections on both ends, specifically designed for periodontal patients and hard to reach areas. These technology improvements make the EasyThread Floss system a far better choice when compared to similar products, especially when considering it has a lifespan double the normal one.

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