Massage Therapy

Posted by Patricia Benson on June 14, 2017

My approach to massage therapy (as well as yoga) is nicely summarized in the quote above by Albert Camus from his Notebooks.

Love to the human spirit is like light to plant life: indispensable. In all forms of therapeutic healing-whether it's Western medical care, psychotherapy, Chinese Medicine, or joint advance or massage therapy-love must be the basis for the healing process, look joint advance. For healing to occur, the heart, body, and mind must feel connected to the process-equally recognized and valued within the context of the therapeutic experience.

At different points in my life so far, massage therapy has been a vehicle for increasing my own self-awareness such that the process of working with different therapists over time has, without a doubt, led me to know my own needs better, and thereby empowered me to better provide for those needs.

And who can argue that meeting one's needs is essential for personal happiness?

There is something extremely powerful in the experience of receiving therapeutic massage that brings you right into yourself, gives you a wide view into yourself-without any words spoken. A good therapeutic massage can and does open up channels of self where love used to freely flow so that a higher awareness can make it possible to clear out, over time, the inhibiting debris. It's an experience that shows you where and how your body holds that debris and how letting it go can give you a more open, accepting posture-literally and figuratively.

And I am inclined to interpret this process as one of love. Whether you are dealing with emotional pain, undergoing cancer treatment, recovering from labor and delivery, or just trying to relax after a tough week at work, what you need to get you through all of that is love-a feeling that you matter and that, most importantly, you matter to yourself.

Isn't that what healing really is? The expression, or declaration, of an individual's knowledge beyond any doubt that her own health matters.