The New Craze: E-cigs, But What Are the Risks

While many people are pleased about the increase in the amount of people using the E-cigarette, are they really that much better for you than normal tobacco products?

There is confusing data as to what is happening with E-cigarettes and the risk they pose to the health of the individual using them but also second hand smoke, or vapour and what it does to a person’s health.

Are E-Cigarette’s less harmful yes or no

Research has shown that the vapour released from the e-liquid is less harmful than tobacco, but they can still cause ill health.

The food and drug administration wants manufacturers to register their products for testing to confirm they don’t contain any harmful ingredients or banned substances. This is because there have been some reports of e-liquids containing products that are not suitable for human consumption.

There is also a concern for the amount of metal that found in the vapour and this is due to the poor quality E-cigarettes on the market that use metal not suitable for this type of item.

While there is evidence to prove that the E-cigarettes are healthier than smoking tobacco products, they are still harmful to the human body; this includes smoking directly and second hand smoke or vapour. Which is why there is a call for the ban of using e-cigarettes in any place where tobacco products currently have a restriction for their use, in place.

It is important that this growing industry has regulations to ensure that the interest and the health of the public is not at risk. Many of the E-liquids contain nicotine, which is addictive and once they are hooked, they might move onto the tobacco products to satisfy their craving.

Therefore, whilst the E-cigarette is better for you than the tobacco counterpart is, there are still some serious health concerns that surround the inhalation of the vapour and other ingredients in the E-liquid. Current legislation is non-existent and this needs to change to protect the younger generations who are ideal customers because of the increasing popularity of the products involved, enticing them into the habit.

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