Practical Tips for Strength Training

When we hear the word strength training, the first thing which comes to our mind is that it is for bodybuilders. Strength training is strictly only for those guys who are willing to gain muscle mass. But the fact is that whether you are an old man or a young chap, strength training gives you sufficient power to manage your daily routine with comfort. It gives you enough strength to lift the heavier objects comfortably.

As we age our muscle tissues, bone density and strength decreases. Strength training enhances our mental and physical power.

In this article, we will discuss doing the strength training for maximum benefits.

Warming Up And Stretching

Whether you are doing strength training or doing isolation exercises. It is imperative on your part to do warm up and stretching exercises for at least 10 minutes. Experts suggest going for a brisk walk for the first five minutes and do stretching for the remaining five minutes. While stretching target all the major muscle groups, this will avoid any possible injuries when you will lift the weights.

Focus On Your Exercise Form

While doing exercise you are supposed to concentrate that you are lifting the weight properly rather than emphasizing on lifting heavier weights. People have a tendency to jump for heavy weights right after starting the strength training. Actually, the level of enthusiasm is admirable, but it is not accepted in the form of adding more weight. You are lifting weights heavier than your capacity as a result of which you may face unnecessary injuries. That is why experts advise to concentrate on doing exercise in a proper form. In the starting you must do exercise without weights; this will make you understand the proper form.

Fitness enthusiasts make a common mistake in the beginning that they do the exercise with momentum. Stay away from this practice. While lowering the weights you can count to three and do the same process when you are lifting it. You may have read about different herbs which are working as stimulants. Till now Canada does not regulate use of Kratom. There are other herbs as well, which you can use after consulting your fitness expert.


Generally people underestimate the importance of breathing properly during workouts. You are supposed to exhale as you lift the weight or pull it and inhale at the starting position.

Your body requires a constant flow of oxygen that is why breathing normally is essential while doing fitness training. Fitness experts also suggest using different products to enhance focus and strength. Herbs are very useful, but Canada does not regulate use of Kratom. Before using a product you are supposed to make sure that it is not against the guidelines of health department of your state.

Add More Weights

An experienced trainer will not allow you to increase your weights unless you are doing the exercise in the right form and have acquired proper strength to hold it. When doing strength training there are two points to remember, one is consistency and other one is progressivity. Consistency means you are regular at doing the exercises without any gap. Whereas, progressivity means that you are increasing the weight to enhance the muscle growth. It is advisable to add weight by which you can complete the right form of the exercise, but find it difficult to execute the last two repetitions of that exercise.