Reduce Weight and Stress with Excellent Aerobics Classes in Mumbai

jgsfitnesscentrIt was never about losing weight for me as I was not very concerned about it. I was not ashamed of my body and could walk with pride. Everything could have been the same all my life if I had not been bogged down with health issues. An overweight body going through various health problems caused a lot of pain and stress. At this time, more than losing weight, I was concerned about reducing stress and gaining stamina and endurance. I am glad that I came across the best aerobics classes in Mumbai at the right time.

As music had always been a great inspiration all my life, a gym class with a music set up and qualified instructors, all together did a great job for me. Aerobics are always referred to as the perfect exercise to maintain an agile body. Well, I do not know about the agility but the graceful dance movements had a great impact on my health. The exercise involved intense jumping activities with the beats of the rhythmic music which was extremely helpful for reducing stress.

Apart from fun and interesting benefits that helped make me forget my worries, it also enabled me to experience a number of benefits. The benefits caused by this excellent workout included weight bearing exercises and those that increased my cardiovascular fitness. It helped me increase blood circulation in the body and lower the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. I could just randomly choose any of the music like jazz, disco or hip. After exercising with the chosen music I was able to experience the benefits almost immediately. Every day I noticed an increase in my energy levels and felt better throughout the day.

Later, I also got into the Zumba classes in Mumbai just for a change. It too was related to music. Zumba was an easy to follow, calorie burning exercise or I can even say a dance party that was combined with varied styles of dances. It is said to be one of the best exercises for weight loss, weight management, loss of fat and body toning. Different dance styles included here were Salsa, Merengue, Latin-Pop, Samba and many more. While performing on this saucy Latin music dance styles, I felt like I was in a night club with no one around me. With lots of energy and no stress, I had great fun during the session. This worked on toning my muscles, increasing stamina, and burning more fat from the body.

The classes also offered people the masala Bhangra workout. It is basically modern version of the folk dance called Bhangra that comes with a blend of traditional and bollywood moves. Performing on dhol or hadippa beats reminded me of dancing in wedding but it was a very tiring session. It helped me reduce weight without additional pain or struggle. It was great fun to perform all the beneficial exercises which were available as a group X training exercises. It not only helped me enhance my physical fitness but also encouraged me to lead a happy life.


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