Relieve neck pain without surgery

What causes neck pain?

While there are many reasons for neck pain to occur, some of the most common ones are:

  • injuries of various kinds
  • deterioration of muscles and soft tissues
  • improper posture while sleeping or sitting for a long time
  • diseases such as degenerative disc disease and
  • even tension headaches.

Stress is also another reason why a human being may end up suffering from neck pain.

Treatment methodologies

Neck pain can be treated in many ways including:

  • medication
  • application of pain balms
  • surgery in extreme cases
  • massages and
  • physiotherapy or specific exercises such as trigger point exercises.

Eliminating surgery as an option

In some cases, an individual is prescribed surgery to deal with neck pain. But, thanks to the work that is being done in the pain relief clinics in Singapore, it is possible to relieve neck pain without surgery.

Unique approach

One of the reasons why Singapore is at the forefront of things when it comes to eliminating surgery as a treatment for neck pain is the fact that it blends ancient knowledge systems and modern technologies. This is one of the reasons why an individual can adopt methods such as massages and trigger point exercises to deal with neck pain. More often than not, making such lifestyle changes and behavioural modification results in an immense amount of relief for an individual.


It is an extremely good idea to seek such nonsurgical interventions as soon as possible. If you wait to find out more about this treatment methodology, then there is quite a high chance that you will worsen the neck pain. And this may leave surgery as the only possible or viable option left to you. More often than not, neck pain symptoms are temporary. With the correction of your posture, the right kind of physiotherapy exercises and even massage to relieve stress, you can enjoy an alleviation in pain levels. The timeframe is critical here. Doctors may also suggest giving this nonsurgical treatment option a timeframe of a few weeks. Significant results can be felt only within a longer timeframe.

One thing for sure, with the professional opinions that you will get at pain relief clinics, you can certainly find out exactly how much of relief you can expect from nonsurgical interventions. You can also get frozen shoulder treatment, trigger finger treatment etc. More importantly, you can also figure out exactly what kind of changes you need to make in order to enjoy the full benefits of this treatment methodology.