Sober Living for Men and the Road to Recovery

pure recoveryThe National Institutes of Health has discovered the benefits of sober living for men who are known to succumb in drug addiction and alcohol dependency. The institution learned that more men are prone to relapsing because they lack the ability to control the triggers of their addiction, thus making it hard for them to break the habit. By being residents, they are able to solve the gaps that interferes with their total recovery and making more responsible men out of them.

Upscale sober living is not only the practical choice because of the expenses, but they also ensure that before you transition to society, you are well-armed with self-control, full sense of responsibility and ability to know when to stay away. Best of all, you are allowed to stay longer in an environment more suitable to being alcohol and drug free than in rehabilitation centers or inpatient facilities. Long-term sobriety is the key to full recovery and that is what sober living offers that no rehabilitation center can really provide.

How it leads to recovery

Sober living is the transition phase from inpatient facilities to returning to society. They are visioned to be the supplementary action to formal drug and alcohol treatment that will lead to better recovery process and sobriety. Living in these homes create an environment that allows recovering addicts to be less supervised and develop their own peer support to help them better once they live in a normal community.

Also known as halfway house sober living, these residences can form a significant link on how to properly return to society without endangering yourself, others or the community you will live in. It can bring together different types of addicts to help amend what is lacking in their recovery process and to help others understand what addiction really is through the eyes of other addicts. It can make them become aware of the dangers if they relapse.

What to expect during residency

While it is frightening to seek help for something like addiction, checking-in and residing in sober living may be the best decision you will doing for yourself and your family. Always remember that the road to success may be full of pit stops, road blocks and broken down cars but with sober living, even if you encounter all of these, there will still be a road for you to drive on. The main goal is to reach your destination and that is living in society but sober.

  • Help in employment search – sober living coordinators know how hard it is for recovering addicts to get a job that is why they will provide you with ample time to fill out application forms and prepare for interviews.
  • Help in adjustment to sobriety – while being a resident in a sober living facility, you are given freedom and enough time to think about important and responsible decisions, making it less of a burden and more of a practice.
  • Help in mending relationships – addiction may have severed relationships on top of things that is why facilitators will let you build relationships with co-residents in preparation with your transition to society. Furthermore, the bonds you have formed while being a resident can be the best support system you will have once you step out to the real world.

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