The Body Shop: The best place to buy beauty products inspired by nature

Looking for beauty products made with love and care and ones that are made out of raw materials from around the world? Look no more because you’re just at the very right place, The Body Shop. The Body Shop offers its customers a wide range of about 1,200 products to choose from. The products are mainly cosmetics and make-ups. On the other hand, all these products are available in all 2,500 franchised Body Shop stores spread across 61 countries, as well as online.

The Body Shop sells products that are meant for the body, hair and face. They also offer products for homes. The best thing about using The Body Shop products is the fact that they are not only inspired by nature but they are also a combination of The Body Shop expertise and the skills of artisan farmers. That makes them the best to use. In addition, their products are attached to a certain Body Shop coupon that you can use to save yourself some cash when shopping. The Body Shop has also stood out of the crowd for not testing its products on animals as well as offering products that are simply 100% vegetarian.

Body Shop categories

The main Body shop categories include:

  • Bath and body – you can get products such as body moisturizers, smoky poppy, body cleansers, beautifying oils, body scrubs, hands and feet, aromatherapy and massage, spa and treatments, accessories, Valentine’s day gifts and deodorants. These products are available in different and fabulous flavors.
  • Skincare – there are also several products that are available under this category. They include cleansers, drops of youth, toners, exfoliators and masks, serums, moisturizers, lip care, eye care, concentrates and accessories. All these products are made with a feel good texture, powerful ingredients as well as effective formulas. Again, it is definitely worth taking note that Body Shop skin care products can be used on all types of skins.
  • Make-up – under the make-up category, you’ll get products that will, beyond any reasonable doubt, boost your natural look and beauty. They include powders, foundations, blushers, mineral make-up, mascaras, bronzers, eyeshadows and eyeliners. These are certainly the kind of products that you don’t want to miss in your list when going to shop for make-up products.
  • Hair – with Body Shop hair products, you will absolutely have a good hair day every day. No doubt about that. Here, you can buy products such as brushes and combs, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and hair styling products.
  • Fragrance – Body Shop fragrances are meant for men and women as well as for homes. Most of the fragrances come with very natural extracts.
  • Mens – at Body Shop, men are also not left out or forgotten. There is a special category for men whereby you will get products such as skincare products, cleanse and body wash products, accessories to mention but a few.

In short, there are literally a lot of products that you can get at THe Body Shop. Again, remember that if you are lucky enough to get a valid Body Shop promo code, you will have a chance of getting some bonus once you make a purchase.