The most promising areas of cancer research for the next 10 years

Cancer is a complex disease from which many suffer, and to date there is no cure. However, several different studies have proven that someday we might beat cancer, and we might be able to find a solution that will eventually allow those suffering from cancer to heal and continue on with their lives.

Major strides

One solution that researchers are looking into is a cancer vaccine. Though this is years away from possible development, eventually it might work and give patients a vaccine that will keep them from developing the disease. Scientists are hoping they can find a solution through a vaccine in the same way those for smallpox and polio were developed. Not only would it be one of the easiest ways to eradicate the disease, but it would also be beneficial for those looking for a way to recover from cancer, because it could be a cheaper, kinder option than the numerous chemotherapy treatments that patients often have to endure.

Another form of new technology that scientists are researching is inserting a chip into the human body that can actively seek and destroy cancer cells while avoiding other healthy ones. Though this technology seems to be light years away, some are hoping that within the next few decades, its development will allow the insertion of a simple chip to kill the targeted cancer cells. This new technology is called circulating tumor cell chip, and though it might not be available for a while, it might be the answer to some of the problems researchers have been facing when dealing with ridding their patients of cancer.


One way we can help the process of finding a cure is for people committed to the cause to donate some of their time and money. Organizations fund cancer causes through a myriad of ways, these days you can easily access cancer online donation. Without funding from people who care, it’s impossible to continue with the research necessary to combat the disease. With multiple donations, it’s more likely that the money will go to causes that matter, and different research companies can work on a regular basis to save millions of lives for those who diagnosed with cancer.

The Curie Institut is working hard to make sure that progress is being made in cancer research and in their work to find a cure. By hiring and working with the best specialists, there is no doubt that their research has contributed significantly to finding a way to beat cancer and to help those who might be diagnosed in the future. Charities and donations are a massive part of how the Institut Curie can continue to put their best effort forward in solving the many problems and issues that come from trying to cure such a difficult disease.

The good news is that with time and effort and contributions from donors, it’s more than likely that eventually a solution will be found. Cancer is not a death sentence for most patients even now, and with time and proper research, it might soon be completely beat.