Top Tips for Finding a Dental Job

So you’ve just finished dental school or dental hygienist training, and you’re all set to start working! The problem is, going to school to work in the dental field doesn’t necessarily give you all the tools and instructions that you need for finding a job! Job searching is never fun, no matter what field you’re in. Luckily, if you’re going into the dental field, your training and specialization makes you highly employable. We’ve put together some tips that will help you on your search to find a dental job:

Get connected

One of the best ways to have your pick of many jobs once you finish school or training is to network and keep those connections (and this goes for any kind of job!) Even though you will be busy during school, it’s smart to find a job as an assistant in a dental office if you can. This might mean that you’re working at the reception desk, but you’ll be getting experience in the environment that you eventually want to work, which is key. And you’ll be connecting with those higher up who can later help hook you up with a job. If there aren’t any jobs available at at that particular practice once you start searching, your connections there may be able to help you out with finding work somewhere else.

Be flexible

During dental school, you might find a particular niche that you love and want to work in later when you finish. But if you narrow your sights in a particular field, you may limit your choices when it comes to finding a job – and you’ll be wanting that pay once you’re in debt from school! So keep an open mind when it comes to your first job out of school. Oftentimes, taking a job in an area you didn’t expect can pave the way to something you never would have planned. Other times, it’s just a good way to learn about what you don’t want, so you can move towards what you do want.

Keep learning

Always stay open to learning new things throughout your career, and you’ll open up the pathways for future jobs and opportunities. Just because dental school is over, doesn’t mean the education ends! In fact, once you step into your career, this is where the education truly starts, because you’re applying what you’ve learned into the real world, with real patients.

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