Traveler Tips: Top Things to Do in Hungary

Hungary is a unique country in Europe. It is landlocked and shares borders with no less than seven other countries. It has its own distinct language and has maintained its own unique culture. Visitors to Hungary generally find the country extraordinarily welcoming and the locals helpful.


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If you’re considering a trip to Hungary, review these tips on what to do while you’re there, courtesy of Hungarian traveler Annamaria Kontor:

  • Lake Balaton. This lake is one of the biggest lakes in Central Europe and a popular holiday destination. The numerous villages dotting its shores cater to tourists.
  • Historical Pecs. Near the Croatian border, the town of Pecs is a popular cultural and historical destination. It was named one of Europe’s Capitals of Culture in 2010.
  • Danube cruise. If you visit Budapest, a cruise of the Danube is almost a requirement. A cruise down the Danube is a unique way to see some of the most beautiful spots in the city.
  • Hiking Hungary. There are numerous amazing hiking trails through Hungary’s mountains. The summer season is the most popular time for hitting the trails.
  • Sopron in west Hungary. If amazing architecture interests you, head for western Hungary and the city of Sopron. Here you will find heritage buildings from the medieval era onwards. Some of the highlights you’ll find here are the Firewatch Tower, the Gothic Goat Church and Storno House.
  • The Heviz Baths. In the northwest of Hungary, don’t miss the thermally heated warm water Heviz Baths. The water is warm all year-round. There is the slight radioactive content to the water but the locals claim it is good for our health.
  • Dancing in Recsk. The small town of Recsk is one of the best spots for wine tasting. The renowned Kohari Prince winery offers local music and dancing as well.
  • Party at Siofok. If the nightclub scene is what you like, don’t miss the resort town of Siofok on the shore of Lake Balaton. This is a favorite summer destination for young people, with its numerous nightclubs catering to the party crowd.
  • Baradla Cave. Baradla Cave, along with several others, is a great destination in the Aggtelek National Park in northeastern Hungary. These caves are World Heritage listed caves. Baradla Cave is the largest stalactite cave in Europe.
  • Sziget Music Festival. Budapest hosts one of Europe’s largest music festivals in August on an island in the Danube. The festival runs for an entire week and attracts half of its attendees from outside Hungary.

The city of Eger. This fantastic Hungarian city is a good place to visit if historical monuments are what you love. Eger is most famous for its 14-sided minaret.