Tricks to make the eyelashes grow longer and thicker

Growing eyelashes, when they’re going sparse, isn’t something that happens very easily. Many people are born with naturally long eyelashes. When your eyelashes begin to fall off, the effects can be devastating. The repercussions might range from minor to the major ones where your vision gets affected. While natural remedies are the best way forward as they don’t have side effects; in extreme cases, allopathic intervention is necessary. With an abundance of online medical solutions in the digital age, buying Careprost online is an option for many. The benefits outweigh the risks as it is similar to a natural chemical in the body called prostaglandin, which is considered relatively safe.

Why buy Careprost online?

How does buying Careprost online help you get long eyelashes? Well, Careprost is used to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. It is also used to treat people with inadequate eyelashes by making them more noticeable. Growth can be increased, and the lashes become thicker, longer and darker. Buying Careprost online might make more sense than looking for it at your local pharmacy store as it is easily available on the internet. There are a lot of natural ways to improve the thickness and definition of your eyelashes though. Here are some of the best home remedies for long eyelashes that work very well in tandem with Careprost.

Home remedies for long eyelashes

Makeup is the worst enemy for long eyelashes. If used for a specific period, the damage done by it might not be extensive. But if proper care is not taken, then it can prove to be very harmful to your eyelashes. It clogs the skin around the eyes, and with thin skin present in the area already and mascara that is heavy on the eyelashes, the potential for damage is very high. Removal needs to be done with extreme care, as there is potential while removing makeup to accidentally pull out eyelashes. Olive oil is a blessing for long eyelashes; applying it on a regular basis ensures that your eyelashes grow long and strong. A mixture of olive and castor oil is also effective in promoting eyelash growth. Petroleum jelly, or Vaseline as it is commonly known is used to deal with chapped lips and minor burns. It has a variety of applications in our lives, and most of this is well known. However, it also serves as a blessing for your eyelashes. When you apply petroleum jelly and leave it on at night, you will see the benefits in a few weeks when your eyelashes become thicker and more luscious.

Some more home remedies for eyelash growth

Green tea, long thought of as a weight loss remedy and filled with antioxidants that help fight a variety of issues in the human body, can be mixed with a little warm water and applied directly on the eyelashes for thick, long growth. Lemon peels in castor oil and olive oil also have a similar effect to green tea and are excellent at helping you get the thickness and length that most people find extremely desirable. Trimming your eyelashes to make them grow might sound silly, but by trimming 1/4th of the length of your eyelashes on a bi-monthly basis, the hair follicles get stimulated. These hair follicles then grow at a regular and consistent rate, giving you the eyelashes you desire. A change in diet is also great for hair follicle growth and growing long eyelashes. A few of the healthiest and tastiest food items that you can eat to improve the growth are Apples, guavas, and various kinds of protein-rich food sources such as chicken, red meat and pulses. It is important to have a healthy level of the fat intake every day. A balanced diet ensures that the body gets all the nutrition it needs. Good nutrition will be very helpful for eyelash growth.

Sticking to a diet plan is hard work, and making a drastic adjustment might not be as easy as it sounds. Buying Careprost online will help you deal with the eyelash issues that you face. It is an investment that pays off in the long term. The time taken for results in different people varies according to a host of factors. While it may take a week to take effect, it can also take up to a month in other cases. Careprost is a solution that works when you want to grow eyelashes.