Ultrasound Therapy in Newport Beach Will Help Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain

How Ultrasound Therapy in Newport Beach Works

Ultrasound therapy uses high frequency sound waves that are created by a machine. These waves can go deep into the skin, where they can help heal certain areas. The machine itself has a wand or probe with a round head, which is rubbed on the affected area after some gel has been applied.

The high frequency waves are created when the head of the probe starts to vibrate. This then makes all the tissue in the surrounding area vibrate as well, and this can help to heal certain injuries. This is because this area also warms up, and more blood is then drawn to it, delivering nutrients to that specific area. The goal is to increase blood flow, allowing for these nutrients to be delivered.

When you go for ultrasound therapy in Newport Beach, your therapist will determine what dosage of ultrasounds you actually need. They will set the frequency of the beam in order to achieve this. The machine itself has an extensive control panel that allows for these changes. The lower the frequency, the deeper the vibrations will be able to go. Hence, if the injury is in deep tissue, the frequency will be increased.

Generally speaking, for injuries that are close to the skin, a higher frequency will be used. The entire session will generally last between four and twelve minutes. Again, the exact injury will determine how long treatment is required for, as well as how often treatment should be offered.

This type of treatment is not suitable for all areas of the body. It should not be used on the spine, the brain, the lungs, the face, the testicles, the kidneys or the ovaries. Additionally, women who are pregnant and those on coagulant medication should avoid the therapy unless specifically prescribed by their physician.

If delivered by a trained professional, ultrasound therapy is completely safe. However, those who do not know what they are doing should stay away from it, as they could burn the surface of the skin or destroy cartilage. This can happen quite quickly, which demonstrates how important it is to make sure your therapist is actually trained in the use of the probe and machine.

The treatment is particularly popular with people who have fibromyalgia. This is because they suffer from soft tissue inflammation, something that ultrasounds can address very well. However, this is only possible with a high quality, fully approved and tested machine. You can purchase them for your own personal use. If you want to do this, then you should make sure that you do your research and understand just how to use the device first.