Understanding Joimax- The Solution to Your Back Problems

Back surgery is never a happy prospect. Traditionally, it’s been associated with invasiveness. It’s led to those with back pain being hesitant about going under the knife. Thankfully, there are non-surgical options, but in the event surgery is required, there are minimally invasive options, including the Joimax series of solutions.

How Do You Know if You Need Surgery?

It all starts with your doctor. If you’re experiencing pain, numbness, or a lack of mobility, your doctor will test to see where the source of the problem is. A herniated disc doesn’t always manifest in any symptoms, so it’s possible that someone could have a ruptured disc and not know about it for many years.

Your doctor will always issue a course of physical therapy before talking about surgery. They will go into further detail of the problem by ordering physical examinations. A physical examination will test things like your reflexes, walking ability, and pain levels when performing certain movements. You may also be sent to hospital for spinal imaging. Images will be taken of your spine to get a better idea of where the problems lie.

General Back Surgery

One of the most common back surgeries involves removing tissue to help deal with herniated discs. General back pain often happens with age, and surgery is considered the best option to deal with it.

Conventional back surgery involves making a small incision above the spine. Precision surgical tools extract tissue without affecting the structures around it, such as bones, nerves, and muscles. The main drawbacks with these surgeries are:

  • The recovery time can leave people away from the workplace for weeks.
  • It requires general anesthetic.
  • The surgery takes longer, which often makes it more expensive.
  • Scarring is a very real possibility.

Treating a Bad Back

Surgery should always be the last option. If you don’t need to go under the knife, then you should avoid surgery. A bad back can sometimes be fixed with regular physical therapy. This involves daily exercises and movements to prevent the back from stiffening. By keeping the joints fluid, the back will gradually heal.
For example, in the case of a slipped disc, the back has been known to correct itself. The bulging disc gradually retreats from the nerve, giving it space to breathe again. This lack of compression reduces the amount of pain you feel and improves your quality of life.As a general rule of thumb, if the back pain remains after six weeks, it is a real possibility that surgery may be the only option, but it does differ from case-to-case.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Joimax specializes in a series of surgical solutions that are minimally invasive. All these procedures access the spinal column without the use of a scalpel. By reducing the amount of damage to the surrounding tissue, there’s less scarring and a lower chance of causing any serious damage.

These endoscopic surgical methods, presented by Joimax, can be used to support treatment of a wide range of back problems.

What are the advantages of Joimax’s endoscopic spinal surgery options?

  • Minimal trauma caused to surrounding ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
  • Faster recovery times. Endoscopic disc surgery allows for a quicker return to work.
  • Less anesthesia. It isn’t necessary to undergo general anesthesia. Again, this helps reduce recovery times.
  • HD visualization of the surgical site provided by German technology. The surgeon uses a large-scale image provided by a camera attached to the end of the endoscopic cable.

For the patient, there’s also the advantage of better economics. Since there are fewer surgeons, a shorter hospital stay, and less overall time spent in the theatre, the bill is going to be much lower than expected.

Types of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Joimax’s solutions are available to treat joint pain, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis. They utilize a bloodless approach.

  1. The TESSYS surgery is the latest in a long line of surgeries designed to address herniated discs. It immediately accesses the keyhole to the epidural space to remove any unwanted tissue.
  2. iLESSYS is an endoscopic solution for both herniated discs and spinal stenosis. The approach provides decompression of the spinal canal. Together with the modern Shrill system, a number of drills and shavers eliminate bony decompressions
  3. Multiuse endoscopic rhizotomy is a type of surgery that helps with back pain. Clinical studies state that this technique enables longer lasting pain relief.


The Joimax solution is designed to rectify any back problems without all the drawbacks of conventional surgery. It’s hoped that these minimally invasive procedure will encourage more patients to have back surgery and improve their quality of life.

Prior to any decision to undergo surgery, you should discuss any back problems you have with your doctor. They’re in a better position to determine whether surgery is an ideal option or whether it’s better to simply complete a course of physical therapy.