Understanding the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

People usually give a lot of importance to physical and psychological health. However, sexual health too plays a vital role in an individual’s life. A sexual health issue can be an early sign of a chronic health disease or affect your psychological well being too. A man who is unable to perform sexually tends to feel demotivated and insecure all the time. This condition will not only affect the sex life of an individual but also put his relationship in difficulty. Every woman expects complete sexual satisfaction from their male partners. If a man is facing erectile dysfunction or low libido levels, these sexual health problems must be attended at the earliest. The sexual health of a person can be recovered easily. One can find many drugs at an online pharmacy for a particular sexual health issue.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common sexual health problem noticed in men. A man is suffering from an ED problem when he is unable to maintain or gain a hard erection while having intimate relations with their partner. There are many factors that contribute to developing erectile dysfunction. The cause of ED may vary from one individual to the other.

The reasons leading to ED are Some of the causes of ED are multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, dementia, pelvic trauma, high-stress levels, stroke, diabetes and back injury. A hormonal imbalance too can lead to the development of an ED health problem. ED is curable once the underlying reason is known. You can buy ED pills from an online pharmacy store that improve your sexual health.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The five pointers mentioned below are the major signs that let a man know that he is suffering from an erectile dysfunction disorder.

Unable to get an erection: This symptom is one of the most disturbing signs of ED. The inability to get a firm erection makes it difficult for a man to perform sexually. This symptom usually occurs when the penis nerves are severely damaged. This issue can be caused due to a serious injury, paralysis, psychological, and stress problems. One can treat this problem by placing metal rods or using vacuum pumps that improve the blood supply to the penis.

– Unable to maintain a firm erection: This symptom puts the man in an embarrassing situation in front of their partner. It reflects that the man might have lost the passion or love for their wife or girlfriend. This condition occurs when the body starts producing phosphodiesterase. If it isn’t treated in time, this issue may lead to the elimination of erection overall. In such cases, doctors recommend pills that can solve the problem. One can buy Suhagra pills on their doctor’s prescription from All Day Chemist – an acclaimed online pharmacy.

– Unable to get a firm erection during intercourse: It is essential for the penis to receive regular blood flow that stimulates a firm erection. The occurrence of such condition is alarming. Not only will it affect an individual sexual health but it also could be a sign of artery blockage issues. This situation is improved by using blood flow enhancing medications along with vacuum pumps.

– Premature Ejaculation: About thirty to forty percent of men experience this symptom during an erectile dysfunction disorder. Premature ejaculation is the occurrence of ejaculation before five to eight minutes, which is the average ejaculation latency time. Men who start masturbating at an earlier age suffer from premature ejaculation. Other health and anxiety issues too can lead to premature ejaculation. Kegel exercises and antidepressant drugs are recommended by doctors to solve this ED symptom.

– Low Libido: Hormonal and psychological factors lead to lowering the libido of a man. A low libido affects the erection of the penis, which makes it difficult for a man to perform sexually. This problem might make a man lose all interest in any sexual activity. It is best to consult your doctor if one is experiencing low libido levels.

Many men like to keep sexual health queries and concerns to themselves. However, the best solution for treating erectile dysfunction disorders is to have an open and free communication with your doctor or counselor. Talking to your doctor will help them to understand your problem and suggest the right treatment method.