Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Keep Exercising

Sometimes, keeping fit can be pretty demanding. Scratch that, staying fit is

demanding. Those who take their health seriously know that living a healthy lifestyle demands

some level of discipline and dedication. Although it feels thrilling enjoying the feeling of vitality,

phenomenal strength, and perfect health, just a handful are willing to pay the price for such an


As a trucker, frequently exercising is one of the best ways to stay in shape, and experience

vitality and health. However, keeping up and staying motivated can be a bit of a challenge. This

is why many truckers often go back to the old lifestyle of little or no exercising. However, there

are ways you can stay motivated enough to keep exercising regardless of the results.

Identify and Reassert Your Motivation for Exercising

Why did you start exercising in the first place? Why did you decide to adopt a healthy

lifestyle? These are important questions because sometimes, you need to get back in touch with

your reasons and drive for exercising.

For some truckers, it is because of a recent medical diagnosis and the possibility of losing

their means of livelihood. For others, it is the lack of vitality and physical agility.

Whatever be the case, identify those initial reasons and remind yourself of them when you

are tempted to throw in the towel and give up. A good way to help with this is to review your

reasons every morning and the benefits of staying committed for 5 minutes This will help keep

you motivated.

Set Short and Long Term Goals

The key to goal setting is to specify what you hope to achieve within a given time frame. As

a trucker, a detailed decision to wake up as early as 5am, 3-5 days a week to jog, use the jump

rope, or do some form of exercise is a bold step to staying motivated.

Truth is, if you want something badly, you’ll find a way around it irrespective of the

circumstances. Setting short term goals is about deciding to do one thing at a time. Long term

goals will be an accumulation of short-term goals achieved.

Instead of making general, vague goals, specify one thing or activity that you’d do within a

period of time. Smaller goals like walking 20 minutes every day when you get to a truck stop

could be more helpful than running for 2 hours every two days. The key is to make it simple,

concrete and attainable within a given time.


Stress is a major cause of ill-health. As a trucker, you need to devise ways to manage stress

consistently. When you are stressed, exercising could be cumbersome. So, you may need good


More so, as a trucker you could cope with stress while driving by using stress balls or just

listening to some tunes. This will easily calm your nerves.

Get an Easy-to-Haul-Around Exercising Equipment

You also want to invest in compact, inexpensive exercise equipment that’s easy to use and

handle. These are perfectly capable of providing and delivering optimal results.  In addition,

consider jogging, cycling or running for 10 minutes every day. By so doing, you’ll have enough

energy without the need for stimulants.


You can also be motivated to keep to culture of exercise by having visual reminders. Take

out some time to “see” yourself enjoying the end results of consistent exercise. If you’ve been

there in the mind, you can get there in body.

In 2002, an experiment was carried out on the minds of a group of athletes. The research

showed that they triggered high energy levels powerful enough to grant them victory in real-time

using visualization techniques. These athletes simply visualized and saw themselves winning in

an athletic contest. So, try this every morning. See yourself as fit, sexy, in great shape, and never

having to pant after walking a block.

The writer of this article, Oscar King, is a health blogger who realizes the special challenges

truckers face in trying to keep in shape. He also realizes how important it is that they get regular

checkups, and for a doctor that specializes in DOT physicals near you, he recommends

visiting Driver Physicals. You can learn more

about Oscar on Google+.