What are Some Alternatives to Adderall Over the Counter that Actually Work?

Adderall is a wildly popular medication for off label uses and is sought after by many people around the world.

Because it is illegal this makes Adderall difficult to purchase for people who want to stimulate energy, focus, and weight loss. Medications such as this one and Ritalin are also dangerous which leads to people looking to find items found over the counter without a prescription. Although these products and actions below will not replace such a powerful stimulant. They will safely give someone results without the worry of harming their body, being arrested, or becoming addicted. It is understandable that in today’s times that someone would feel the need to use such a strong drug because it really does give someone an edge in situations where they need to study or are in a competitive work place.

What are Some Alternatives to Adderall Over the Counter that Actually Work

Caffeine Actually Works as an Energy Booster

Caffeine is the most popular OTC stimulant that is used around the world. Caffeine is so popular because it is found in various different sources and is inexpensive to buy. It is most likely to be found in people consuming drinks such as coffee and tea while also being found in some of the best energy supplements, in foods such as chocolate, and in various different products such as oral sprays. Caffeine works to boost energy from it’s ability to attach to the adenosine receptor in our brain which has a stimulating effect on our bodies. Caffeine should only be taken in smaller quantities though as it has diminishing returns in terms of positive effects as you raise the dose, while also increasing it’s amount of side effects. Like many other powerful stimulants caffeine causes issues when taken at too high of a dose because it raises the amount of the stress hormones cortisone, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. For this reason we must be careful not to consume too many milligrams of caffeine as many drinks can have excessive amounts of this substance well above 100mg’s.

Nootropics are a Safe Way to Help Brain Functioning

Nootropics are substances that are both synthetic and naturally found which safely enhance brain functioning by improving memory, concentration, mood, and mental dexterity. Drugs like Adderall and supplements like caffeine are also nootropic agents, but right now we will only be discussing stimulant free cognitive boosters. Supplements like piracitem, choline, and bacopa are considered nootropic brain enhancers because they allow an improved interconnectivity of neurons from the release of acetycholine which causes people’s brain cells to function at their highest possible capacity. Unlike Adderall though these smart supplements and drugs improve our brain functioning without stimulating our bodies. Because they don’t stimulate our bodies in the same way they are bit harder to actually feel as the effects are more slight. Studies have though shown them to be effective for helping mental focus to the point they are being studied for their use for ADHD. These brain boosting pills and powders don’t come with the side effects associated with stimulants such as a loss of sleep, anxiety, and increased stress hormones. Nootropics can actually also increase energy as many of them like tyrosine do eventually break down into stimulant neurotransmitters such as adrenaline and dopamine.

Other Adderall Alternatives can Help ADHD and Weight Loss

These are two of the best substitutes for Adderall that you can get over the counter to help you replace the boosts of energy and mental focus that you attain. Aside from these we can help boost ourselves in terms of mental focus by eating a healthy diet that is high in essential fats, quality proteins, and by reducing the number of sugar and carbs in our diet. Along with diet we can also excerise and meditate to help improve our concentration and memory abilities. Exercising increases the amount of dopamine in our brain similar to Adderall, while meditating can possibly help us unravel psychological issues which could help ADHD. The last natural alternative to Adderall over the counter that we can use are appetite suppressants to help us lose weight. Herbs such as Hoodia Gardoni curb hunger in a comparable way to synthetic stimulants in that they effect the amount of leptin released in our brain. By combining these different tips we can gain the positive effects of this strong medication while minimizing the negative effects.