What are the benefits of Kratom?

What are the benefits of Kratom

When the days of long jungle walks finally were over, Kratom brought rubber tappers though tough working shifts that already started long before sunrise in the weary hours of the night.

Along with the thriving rubber trade in the region, there was also a thriving and very lucrative opium trade which was being exploited by the influential people of that time. This of course was very easily done due to the very addictive properties of opium.

Unfortunately though for Kratom this was also the beginning of its end. The victims of Opium addiction in Thailand had found a way to cure themselves of their habitual addiction without suffering the almost unbearable withdrawal symptoms which one gets from stopping the use of substances like opium. KRATOM!!!! It actually worked and by chewing Kratom leaves just before going into the withdrawal phase after not having any opium for a period of time, these opium addicts were able to almost eliminate the pain associated with withdrawal and break their addiction once and for all!!

The practice of using Kratom to break the opium addiction became so popular and widespread in the areas where Kratom was grown and eventually was seen as a “Threat” by the opium traders to their lucrative trade. Things progressed and due to the extreme influence of the opium trade and it’s traders Kratom was finally declared illegal in Thailand in 1943 with the passing of what was called “The Kratom Act 2486” that made the planting of the kratom tree illegal!!!

It was obviously impossible to ban something as beneficial as Kratom when it easily could be grown everywhere. So no wonder that the ban was hardly ever enforced, and even today in remote areas of the Malay Peninsula there are still no villages without their Kratom teahouses.

But word spread far and wide since then, and soon scientists would isolate about 25 different, chemically highly complex alkaloids in the Kratom leaves. Researchers would prove that the powerful stimulating and painkilling properties of Kratom were not just side effects of an overdosed exotic recreational drug or exaggerated folk myths, but the hard facts of Mother Nature’s own creation.

Research has been going on strongly since then, but the bottom line is set:

Kratom makes people feel pain free, strong, active and optimistic. Depending on dosage it can have multiple functions.

Kratom can be used as a strong and reliable herbal painkiller.

Kratom can be used as a very effective herb to relieve depression.

Kratom can be used as a herbal social and professional enhancer to intensify communicational skills and induce higher motivation.

Kratom can make your day.