What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic treatment is one of these alternatives. This type of treatment has different techniques that have been proven to help some individuals. The treatment is used to improve physiologic function as well as support homeostasis that may have been changed by somatic dysfunction. Somatic dysfunction is when the body framework system has been altered or impaired. The body framework system includes the arthroadial, myofascial structures, skeletal, vascular, neural, and lymphatic elements. The early stages of somatic dysfunction are pain, tenderness, vasodilatation, tissue contraction, and oedema. Chronic somatic dysfunction is similar to the above with symptoms which include tissue contraction, paresthesias, itching, fibrosis, and tenderness.

There are different techniques used which are listed as direct or indirect or active or passive.

Direct technique is one that uses restrictive barrier with a final activating force applied to correct the problem. Indirect is a technique used where the restrictive barrier is not engaged and the part of the body is not function is moved from the barrier until the time that the tension in the tissue is equal in one or all directions and planes. Active is a technique that is used when the practitioner performs osteopathic directed motion and passive is when the patient does not voluntarily contract the muscles involved.

Techniques you will find with Osteopathic treatment include counter strain, strain counter strain, high velocity – low amplitude, myofascial release, ligamentous articular strain – balance ligamentous tension, facilated positional release, articulatory – Still’s Technique, lymphatic pump, and craniosacral.

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