Sticky: What Pilgrims Do to Get Hajj or Umrah Visa

When people apply for Umrah visa, they need to understand the basic Umrah visa requirements. They need to apply through the approved Umrah travel agent and prepare the original Umrah visa application forms and the applicants should need to read and understand it, then he should sign over the application forms. Umrah visa is valid for 2 weeks and the pilgrims have to perform Umrah during these two weeks. When the pilgrims enter Saudi Arabia for Umrah, he has to depart from Saudia within these two weeks. Umrah visa is granted freely, but the pilgrims have to pay for the services, which are provided in Saudi Arabia during their stay for Umrah.

The pilgrims need to understand that they should bring vaccination certificate with them as it can be checked at the airport and the pilgrims do not allow to bring food products with them in Saudia. The pilgrims are provide Umrah tickets from their respective tour operator for their Umrah flight. When pilgrims reach Jeddah, they hand over their passport to their Unified agent office representatives, so that they can complete their travel formalities from Makkah to Madinah. In case of loss of passport, the pilgrims have to report to the same office immediately, which is established for this purpose during hajj days. The applicants have to fill the form and submit it in the Unified Agent’s office and mention the loss of passport event in the application form.

When the performance of Hajj is completed, then no pilgrim is allowed to stay within the country and they must leave Saudi Arabia till 10th of Moharram as the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia forbid any pilgrim to stay in the country after a performance of Hajj. The tour operators inform their clients about these conditions while offering their Hajj packages 2015 to the clients.

The pilgrims have to report at the laboratories or clinics, which are approved by Ministry of Health and they get the vaccination from there and get the health certificate, which is necessary to affix with the visa application form. The tour operators will suggest the pilgrims to get the vaccination from the laboratories, which are registered and the polio vaccine is also given to the pilgrims, when the pilgrims reach of the airport of Saudi Arabia regardless of their age and gender. There are some other health conditions are mentioned, which are necessary to avoid the pilgrims with such diseases, which is the constant danger of diseases when the people of different countries mix at one place in Makkah and Madinah.

All these rules are also applied on the pilgrims, who come from the UK under the scheme of Umrah package 2015 from UK and during the holy month of Ramadan under the scheme of the Cheap Ramadan Umrah Package. The Hajj visa requirements are almost similar to the Umrah visa requirements, but in the hajj, the stay of the pilgrims is long and there is a great rush in the days of hajj and it is difficult to handle such huge number of pilgrims.