When your beauty spot turns ugly

Beauty spots have been popular on and off for centuries and, depending on their position, many people believe they can draw attention to attractive features. Marilyn Monroe’s famous beauty spot was apparently darkened with cosmetics, while other celebrities have pencilled a beauty spot in where there was no natural feature. In the 18th century small beauty patches were frequently used to disguise disfigurements such as smallpox scars. What we know as beauty spots are normally melanocytic naevi, more commonly called moles. If your mole does not change and you are happy with its appearance, there is no need to worry about it.


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Types of mole

Moles can be any colour from skin tone to nearly black and can be raised or flat. Some moles are rougher than others and sometimes hairs grow from them. The three commonest types of mole are junctional melanocytic naevi, dermal melanocytic naevi and compound melanocytic naevi. Most moles are completely harmless, but in rare cases they can develop into melanoma, which is an extremely serious form of skin cancer. It is important to check your skin regularly for changes and the advice on the NHS website is to check for uneven colouring, asymmetry, changes in size and any itching or bleeding. See your doctor immediately if you are at all worried about a mole, as a melanoma can progress very rapidly and you will need treatment straight away if you are unlucky enough to develop this condition. According to Cancer Research UK the main cause of cancer is overexposure to UV radiation; therefore, you should follow the advice about avoiding this.

Having a mole removed

Even harmless moles can cause problems and may need to be removed. They can often affect your confidence or cause embarrassment if they look unsightly. Sometimes they may be a nuisance if they often catch on your clothing, such as when a strap irritates them. In cases such as this you may want to arrange for mole removal in London or your nearest city.

Sometimes this procedure can be carried out on the NHS, but more commonly you will need to check out private clinics such as the London Cosmetic Clinic to arrange to have your mole removed.

Mole removal is quite a straightforward procedure and is less painful than you might expect.