Working Abroad in Spain – My Experience

Though I was having all the skills and work experience, still I found lots of issues on my arrival to Barcelona. The first thing is that my Spanish wasn´t so great. I got a language problem there. There I came to know that you need to master the local language Catalan along with Spanish. Many jobs need you to know the language to finish all the paperwork.

Apart from that a newly arrived expat in Barcelona always need a local help to handle all the things.

You can remember your school time, when average students have always been forced to spend some extra time and effort on the subjects in which their performance is poor. But it does not work in fact. It depends on the natural strength. If anybody is already good at something then he/she does not have to work on that. On the contrary, by putting more effort on a matter you can make it average but not naturally outstanding.

Take an example of the training session provided by an organization to the average people. With the training the people can work with an average skill and technique. But the requirement is far more than that. An organization cannot run with a lot of average people. It needs some exceptional talents, who can handle the things in an amazing way.

The recent world needs the brilliant and versatile mind who can handle lots of things simultaneously. He/she should have proper knowledge of accounts, should be good in the natural quality of leadership and should have a good interpersonal skill.

So all that needed in this advanced modern era, is a smart andsharp mind. An intelligent mind can gain over any powerful brain. All that’s important is the intelligence of the mind of the individual, the hidden positive ability and the individual talents. Apart from that certain tips and tricks are there that you should follow while you are working in another country.

You need to know the office politics and the work culture of the people there. Besides putting your full effort in learning the language just try to mix with the other expats and try to learn about the country’s culture.

If you take the example of Spain you can see the variation in the timetable. They follow lunchtime of 2pm – 4pm or even until 5pm. In many companies in Spainyou can see they cannot work in the summertime as it is difficult to be productive for them at summer hours.

So it is better for you if you can gather some information about the areabefore you go. Actively listen to locals or local expats in Barcelona. May you gain by taking their advice.